#​371 — September 3, 2021

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Peter Cooper recommends

Many US Developers Could Be Entitled to a Payment From Apple — This comes via a class action settlement. However, this is pending court approval, and is only applicable to US based developers, so you'll want to dig into the details to figure out if you're eligible "once the settlement has received court approval."

Joe Rossignol

Brian Rinaldi recommends

iOS Browser Engine Choice In Depth — A deep dive into the arguments Apple makes to defend not allowing other browsers on iOS as well as arguments made by Apple defenders.

Alex Russell

Beyond onClick: Handling Events in React — Dive into how events work, where the model came from, and how best to use them in React applications.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

South Korea Passes Bill Banning Apple & Google From Requiring Developers to Use App Store In-App Purchase System — A bill passed this week effectively bans both Apple and Google from requiring devs to use their own respective in-app purchasing systems within South Korea.

Sami Fathi

Peter Cooper recommends

Let’s Consider Some of the Implications of Third-Party Payment Processing for In-App Purchasing on iOS and Android — In relation to the above item, John highlights some of the trade-offs possibly not being considered by legislators. Here's another related piece from David Heinemeier Hansson (South Korea just killed the 30% app-store cut) on the topic.

John Gruber

Chris Brandrick recommends

Preparing Your React Native App for iOS 15 & Android 12 — Advice for readying your app for the new mobile OS versions releasing late this year and avoiding any regressions when the releases become generally available.

Samuel Susla

Peter Cooper recommends

React Native's Many Platform Vision — Facebook has ambitions for React Native beyond the mobile platforms at which it is currently targeted, including desktop: for example, video calling in Facebook Messenger on Windows and macOS is powered by React Native.


Holly Schinsky recommends

Test Your React Native Applications End-to-end with Detox — How to use Wix’s Detox testing/automation library to perform end-to-end testing of your mobile app.


Holly Schinsky recommends

Exploring the multi_select_item Package in Flutter — …with a demo of how to implement it.

Naveen Srivastava

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Chris Brandrick recommends

How Google Bought Android — According to Folks in The Room — Here’s an excerpt from new book ‘Androids: The team that built the Android operating system’ — it’s penned by longtime Android engineer Chet Haase.

Chet Haase