#​370 — August 27, 2021

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Chris Brandrick recommends

A Decade and A Half of Instability: The History of Google Messaging Apps — It’s worth clicking through just to see the table of contents if nothing else — sixteen years of messy Google messaging clients all laid out. It's a good lesson/reminder that even the big players can have rather troubled roadmaps. 😅

Ron Amadeo

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Five Easy Methods to Implement Dark Mode in React Native — A look at different approaches for supporting dark mode in React Native apps.

Zain Sajjad

Free Activity Feed & Chat APIs for Qualifying Teams — Unlock enterprise-grade features, functions, and UI components completely free for your startup or side project with the new Maker Account from Stream.

Stream sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

How Google Bought Android — According to Folks in The Room — Here’s an excerpt from new book ‘Androids: The team that built the Android operating system’ — it’s penned by longtime Android engineer Chet Haase and is available now.

Chet Haase

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Build an Android News App with React Native and Native Base — A step-by-step tutorial for building a news app that pulls from multiple sources using React Native using Native Base components.

Nishant Kumar

Chris Brandrick recommends

Measuring The Impact of The App Screenshots and How They Affect Downloads — Focused on the Google Play Store, this blog looks at how to improve the store conversion rate of your app by adding ‘beautiful and meaningful’ screenshots.

David Serrano Canales

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Adding Auth0 to a Flutter application — Connecting Auth0 to authenticate using a social profile and return user data.

Chris Bongers

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Handling Device Battery Information With Xamarin Essentials — Working with a device’s battery—charge status, power source and energy-saving mode.

Leomaris Reyes

Holly Schinsky recommends

Exploring BlurHash Image Placeholder In Flutter

Shaiq khan

Chris Brandrick recommends

Accessibility in The Android World

Nav Singh

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Add a Splash Screen to Your Flutter App


Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Implement and Use WebSockets in Flutter Apps


Chris Brandrick recommends

Google's Approach to Privacy Is 'ATT-Lite'

Eric Benjamin Seufert opinion

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