#​369 — August 20, 2021

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Peter Cooper recommends

Announcing React Native 0.65 — The VM within React Native has had an upgrade and now has ES i18n API (Intl) suport, supports M1 Macs and Mac Catalyst, has a much faster garbage collector, and more, including accessibility improvements.

Luna Wei and Facebook

Chris Brandrick recommends

The State Of Mobile First and Desktop First — Is mobile first or desktop first still relevant today? This article explores that question, outlining the pros and cons of such approaches.

Ahmad Shadeed

Build Video with Just Two API Calls — You don't have to be a video expert to build video. Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy to build beautiful video that streams everywhere.

Mux sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Google Flutter Now Rivals Facebook's React Native in Dev Use — Flutter is now said to be so popular that “it is approaching React Native as the leading cross-platform mobile framework for developers”.

Lawrence E Hecht

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Handling Mounting And Unmounting Of Navigation Routes In React Native — A look at how to mount and unmount navigation stacks based on conditions in React Native.

Daniel Don

⚡️ Quick Bits

Chris Brandrick recommends

Highlights From The Apple Vs. Epic Trial — This is an excellent dive into the mountains of email that came to light via the Epic/Apple case broken down into a super digestible format.

Sean Hollister

Brian Rinaldi recommends

NativeScript vs. React Native — NativeScript and React Native make building elegant, production-ready, and scalable mobile apps with JavaScript easy. But, which is better?

Ejiro Asiuwhu

Holly Schinsky recommends

Explore Futures In Flutter — How to use the Future class in Flutter to perform long-running errands and asynchronous activities.

Shaiq khan