#​368 — August 13, 2021

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Last week Apple announced plans for new child safety features in iOS. These upcoming changes include safety tools in Messages, new Siri and Search information, and CSAM detection. The latter is a new content-scanning technology on US iCloud uploads — Apple has shared a technical summary on how this will work here.

This planned detection technology, albeit well intentioned, has proved somewhat controversial however, with many seeing it as a potential backdoor of sorts to device surveillance. So widespread was the concern around this feature that Apple published a follow-up FAQ late Sunday. An open-letter calling on the company to halt its plans has gained nearly 8,000 signatures at time of writing.

There's plenty of nuance and details to consider here — I found the latest episode of the Upgrade podcast to do a good job in covering this topic in-depth, and John Gruber's write-up is also worth a read.

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Android 12 Beta 4 'Promotes Order Over Chaos' — The latest beta of Android 12 is available and you’ll definitely want to test against its revamped approach to privacy and security.

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📄 PDF: Mobile Overview Report — This detailed document looks at the global picture for what are the most popular mobile devices and operating systems in use. Plenty of handy data to have on hand if you’re doing a lot of device testing!

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Everything You Need to Build Video for Mobile — Easily build video or live streaming with Mux's API and developer-friendly docs. POST a video; GET back a video URL that plays well on any device.

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The New Async Await Concurrency Approach in Swift — A guide to fully understand the new concurrency system in Swift. Though it’s only available from Swift 5.5 and iOS 15 onwards.

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How to Implement iOS-Specific Components and APIs — A look at using some APIs that are specific to iOS, so can’t be cross-platform, within a React Native application.

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View Source: A Way to View a Page's Source If You Otherwise Can't — Given a URL, this page lets you look at the HTML returned. Handy on mobile or kiosk devices, perhaps, where the natural ‘view source’ functionality isn’t available.