#​367 — August 6, 2021

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Google Will Kill Off Very Old Versions of Android Next Month — Tighter login security means Android 2.3.7 (part of the Gingerbread release) and lower will soon lose functionality. For what it's worth, this OS release is approaching a decade old now. Here's the update on this news direct from Google.

Ron Amadeo

Holly Schinsky recommends

Which Mobile Development Framework Is Right For You? — A look at some thing to consider when choosing a mobile development framework (such as Ionic, Xamarin, NativeScript, etc) to suit your app needs.

Sophia Martin

Stream Is Hiring a Senior iOS SDK Architect — Stream, a high-growth startup focused on Chat and Feeds, is hiring a Senior iOS SDK Architect to help build the future of their native iOS SDK. Join the team in Boulder, CO, Amsterdam, or remote.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Adding Flutter to Your Existing Android & iOS Codebases — A detailed look at how you can iteratively introduce Flutter to your existing codebase in order to create a unified and more easily maintained app.

Paul Ruiz

Chris Brandrick recommends

A Vocabulary of Jetpack Compose Terms — Just starting out with Jetpack Compose? Here’s a quick explainer article detailing what some of the key terms for Android’s new UI toolkit mean.

Pamela Hill

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Hey Android, Where's My Process? — Explores simulating a process kill in Android and how you may want to navigate your app being terminated by the OS.

Nikhil Thakkar

⚡️ Quick Bits

Chris Brandrick recommends

Refreshing iOS 15 Safari — Yep, another week, another post begrudging the beta of Safari in the upcoming iOS 15. This post however takes a stab at redesigning certain elements.

Josh Collie

Holly Schinsky recommends

Behind The Scenes: Crafting Razorpay’s New Mobile App — A case study of sorts looking at how Indian payment service Razorpay scaled their engineering culture to the work from home world and built their new mobile app.

Chaitanya Deorukhkar

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Create a Flutter Application Integrated with Artificial Intelligence?

Rachael Grey