#​372 — September 10, 2021

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Peter Cooper recommends

What’s New in Flutter 2.5 — A big release for the popular Dart powered cross platform SDK. Performance improvements, DevTools updates, new Material You support, a new app template, and more await. We're not going to lie - this is a big release and a lot is shown off in this post.

Chris Sells

Peter Cooper recommends

Apple to Allow 'Reader' Apps to Link to External Sites for Account Signup in 2022? — Coupled with recent news about Korea forcing Apple to allow alternative in-app billing systems, this sort of news could snowball into more freedoms on the platform for developers.

Apple Newsroom

Powerful API and Analytics Makes Video For Mobile a Snap — Easily build video or live streaming with Mux's Video API and developer-friendly docs. With analytics already integrated, you can immediately understand engagement and identify success drivers.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

React Native.. When You Want An App RN! — Why you should try React Native for building your next mobile app.

Ahmad Izzudin Alifyandra

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Can We Have Custom Media Queries, Please? — Custom media queries are in the CSS media queries Level 5 spec and this post explains what they are and why you should want them.

Stefan Judis

Peter Cooper recommends

Germany Reportedly Pushing EU to Require 7 Years of Updates on Android and iOS Devices — With Germany being a heavily influential member of the EU, a policy of ensuring that seven year old mobile devices stay up to date and actively useful could have repercussions for app developers.

9to5 Google

Peter Cooper recommends

Apple Keeping Current with (Some) WWDC Videos — Apple changes parts of its APIs on a frequent basis, particularly between major versions. Someone has noticed that Apple has gone back to older WWDC videos and made updates so they are still useful with newer iOS versions.. which is nice, if only they could be more vocal about it?

Dim Sum Thinking

Holly Schinsky recommends

Personal Flutter Project Structure with Repository Pattern — A project structure example for developing a Flutter app with the Repository Pattern.

Thế Dũng

Peter Cooper recommends

Ask HN: How Much Is Google Collecting and Keeping on Android if Not Signed In? — Folks on Hacker News discussed what Android tracks if you’re not signed in.

Hacker News

Peter Cooper recommends

Rudroid: Writing the 'World's Worst Android Emulator' in Rust — Useful? Perhaps not. Interesting and a learning experience? Surely.

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