#​361 — June 25, 2021

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Google Will Now Consider Letting Your Video, Music or Book App Evade Its 30 Percent Cut — This is a notable change. This new ‘Play Media Experience Program’ is now in place. Here’s the official blog post from Google on the matter, and the accompanying support doc with further details.

Ian Carlos Campbell

“Developers can review program guidelines and express interest now and we’ll follow up with more information if you are eligible.”

Purnima Kochikar, VP of Google Play Partnerships

Understanding and Preventing Common Security Vulnerabilities — Securing your builds starts with understanding where others have faced challenges. Join Buildkite on a tour of some of the most common security problems companies face, and how you can prevent them.

Buildkite sponsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

Everything That’s New in React Native 0.64 — A new version of React Native has been released with several new features and support for Hermes on iOS.

Olivia Cuthbert

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The State Of Progressive Web App Adoption By Developers In 2021 — David has ran a series of polls to get a quick check on the current relationship between devs and PWAs. He shares his findings here, touching upon adoption, usage, and more.

David Dal Busco

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Responsive Design and Container Queries? Oh My! — Ethan commemorates the 11 year anniversary of the article that coined responsive web design by talking about why he’s giddy about container queries and how they’ll change RWD.

Ethan Marcotte

Holly Schinsky recommends

Explore Clean Architecture In Flutter — A basic introduction on how to ensure a clean architecture for your Flutter apps.

Shaiq khan

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Are We in A New Era of Web Design? What Do We Call It?Una is calling it the new responsive — a nod to the era we were most certainly in.

Chris Coyier

Chris Brandrick recommends

Sceptor: Mobile Web Inspector — A mobile-first web inspector, designed to help you understand how a site is built, fix problems, and make tweaks.

Bar Hatsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

Five Authentication Solutions for React Native

Viduni Wickramarachchi