#​362 — July 2, 2021

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How Android Apps On Windows 11 Are Going to Work — Last week Microsoft revealed the next major version of their operating system, Windows 11, along with the surprise news that Android apps will be available on this updated OS (via Amazon’s App Store). Here’s a look at just how Microsoft is going about building this Android framework on top of the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Ron Amadeo

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Google Is Moving Away From APKs On The Play Store — Starting in August 2021, there will no longer be new Android APKs. Instead, Google has mandated that ‘App Bundles’ will be the new format/standard.

Jay Peters

Clients Wanted for a Hazardous, Yet Fruitful Product Journey — High stakes, long working hours, thankfully outsourced to us, so you don’t need to worry. We’ll partner up with you to help your mobile app succeed. Companies that have trusted us with their products: Oura, iHeartRadio, HQ Trivia, Keeps. Try intent.

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Announcing the Ionic Framework v6 Beta — Expect new components, performance and tooling tweaks, design changes, and more. Oh, and starting with version six the Ionic Framework will also be moving to a faster release cadence. This post also has details on how to try the beta if that’s of interest.

Liam DeBeasi

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The Three Words That Could Spell Trouble for Android Apps On Windows 11
JR Raphael

Google Play Developers Will Need to Follow Two Requirements
Abner Li

Apple Now Offering Developers Access to Xcode Cloud
Juli Clover

Android Studio 4.2.2 Is Now Available in The Stable Channel

The Many Faces of Button in SwiftUI
Majid Jabrayilov

Building a Gmail Clone with Ionic & Angular
Simon Grimm

How to Create Tabs with Jetpack Compose
John Codeos

Peter Cooper recommends

The Many App Stores Before the App Store — Assessing the landscape of the app store concept in the years before it became an idea “originated” by Apple.

Ernie Smith

Chris Brandrick recommends

Why Every Platform Wants to Be A Super App — From Togo to El Salvador, real and wannabe super apps have proliferated across the world, aspiring to become the next WeChat or Alipay.

Yinka Adegoke

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Mobile Palette Generator: Generate Color Palettes for Your App with A Click of A Mouse — Select a main color and this tool will generate the secondary and accent colors while previewing on a mock mobile UI.

Csaba Kissi