#​360 — June 18, 2021

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Chris Brandrick recommends

How to Better Structure Your Xcode Projects — A decent guide here, aiming to demystify the structure of Xcode projects and give you some ideas on how to better optimise your apps.

Tomas Reimers

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Swift 5.5 Brings Async/Await and Actor Support — Swift 5.5 was introduced at WWDC21 and is available in beta. One of the most anticipated features is better concurrency support using aysnc/await and actors.

Sergio De Simone

Chris Brandrick recommends

Build Sophisticated Search Features with AppSearchAppSearch is an Android on-device search library which provides high performance and feature-rich full-text search functionality. It’s available now in Alpha.

Dan Saadati and Hanaa ElAzizi (Google)

Open Source Chat SDK for iOSStream's new iOS Chat SDK provides everything you need to add a fully-featured chat interface to your iOS app in a matter of minutes.

Stream sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Google Page Experience Update Now Slowly Rolling Out — The changes (which will see Top Stories stop using AMP as a ranking factor) started rolling out yesterday, and should be done by end of August.

Barry Schwartz

Holly Schinsky recommends

An Inside Look At Insider’s Mobile App Redesign — How a team of four engineers was able to design, build and ship their Insider (formerly Business Insider) app quickly while still maintaining fast iteration cycles.

Charlie Cruzan

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Media Queries in Times of @container — With container queries now on the horizon - will we need media queries at all? The author explores use cases where @container probably won’t fit.

Max Böck

Holly Schinsky recommends

The Easy Guide: Using State Management with NGXS in an Ionic App — A simple method showing how to use NGXS state management to store data that is easily accessible anywhere within your Ionic app.


Brian Rinaldi recommends

PWA Summit: A Free, Online, Single-Track Conference — ..focused on Progressive Web Apps. Takes place in October. Put together by Google, Microsoft, Samsung Internet, and Intel.

PWA Summit

Chris Brandrick recommends

How to Change Your iOS App Icon with Capacitor

Simon Grimm

Peter Cooper recommends

A Bug in Google’s Android App Put Users’ Data At Risk

Zack Whittaker

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Reduce Render Time in Your Flutter Apps

Alex Melnyk