#291 — January 31, 2020

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Mobile Developer Weekly

Peter Cooper recommends

React Native Is The Future of Mobile At Shopify — After years of native mobile development, popular merchant platform Shopify has decided to switch over to using React Native. This post explains the decision, one that didn’t “come lightly”.

Farhan Thawar (Shopify)

Chris Brandrick recommends

On The Road to Swift 6 — Details on the journey/direction ahead from Swift 5.X to version six, and how the community will play a part in its development.

Ted Kremenek

Why the Top Apps Rely on Instabug for Crash Reporting — Crash reporting + Bug reporting + in-app surveys all in one SDK. Know which line of code caused the crash along with network logs, repro steps, and session profiler to identify and resolve severe crashes quickly. See detailed features and try Instabug for free.

Instabug sponsor

Peter Cooper recommends

Action Advised: App Maker Shutting Down — Using App Maker? Google are shutting it down in a year.


Peter Cooper recommends

▶  AskFlutter: A Q+A with Jenn Creighton — React expert Jenn Creighton talks about similarities between Flutter (a Dart-powered framework for building native apps) and React, the best ways to manage global and local state, and how to avoid creating overly complex components.

Flutter Interact '19

Holly Schinsky recommends

Validating and Formatting Payment Card Text Fields in Flutter — Explains how to validate a payment card number, CVV, and date, plus how to format text fields in Flutter.

Wilberforce Uwadiegwu

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How To Design Powerful Narratives On Mobile — Suzanne Scacca looks at using storytelling in your design.

Smashing Magazine

Chris Brandrick recommends

Using CSCS Scripting Language For Cross-Platform Development — Vassili Kaplan explains how to use a scripting language to develop cross-platform mobile apps.

Smashing Magazine

Holly Schinsky recommends

Get the Low Down on All Things React and React Native — A discussion of the fundamentals behind both React.js and React Native to help give a better idea if either framework is right for you.

Javaid Hassan

In-App Subscriptions Made Easy — RevenueCat is the best way to implement cross-platform in-app subscriptions and receipt validation in your app. Free to get started.

RevenueCat sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Lyft’s Journey Through Mobile Networking — Explores the evolution of the ride-sharing platforms mobile networking: how it’s changed, what was learned, and why it’s important for Lyft as a growing business.

Michael Rebello

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Inspect React Native Apps Elegantly with ReactotronReactotron is an inspection tool for React apps.

Helder Burato Berto

Chris Brandrick recommends

India Is Now A Larger Smartphone Market Than The US — The influx of Chinese phone makers may be largely responsible for knocking the US to third place.

Jon Fingas

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Swift Code

Eduardo Sanches Bocato

Chris Brandrick recommends

"CutiePi Shell" Is A New, Open-Source UI for Mobile


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