#290 — January 24, 2020

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Mobile Developer Weekly

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Blazor Makes Its Way Into Cross-Platform Mobile App Development — Blazor’s Mobile Bindings is an experimental project enabling cross-platform mobile development using Microsoft Blazor & .NET.

Sergio De Simone

Chris Brandrick recommends

How Much of The Average Mobile App Design Is Text? 36% — An interesting UI study of 25 popular iOS apps, looking to determine how much text they use. Here are the results.

Jonathon Colman

Slow iOS Builds Weighing You Down? — Semaphore is now the fastest way to test and deploy iOS apps. Powerful CI/CD pipelines run 42% faster compared to Travis, and they auto-scale to every git push. Sign up free with GitHub to try it today.

Semaphore 2.0 sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Native "Tap to Share" in JavaScript with The Web Share API — Its current status, some tips, and a look at its limitations.

Matteo Cargnelutti

Peter Cooper recommends

Better Android Testing at Airbnb: Test Generation and CI — The last in a series of posts about how Airbnb tests their Android app.

Eli Hart

Chris Brandrick recommends

How We Prevented App Performance Degradation From Sudden Demand Spikes — Addresses how engineers overcame the challenges ride services app ‘Grab’ faced during the initial days due to a sudden spike in ride demand.

Corey Scott

Holly Schinsky recommends

The Future of Mobile App Development: 5 Trends for 2020 — Five things you can expect to see in mobile app development this year.

Chris Ciligot

Get an Early Look at Backup Ninja - Simple & Secure Database Backups — Backup Ninja is a simple, secure, and cost-effective SaaS service you can use to backup the world’s most popular open source databases; locally or in the cloud.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

How To Use New Material Date Picker for Android — Here’s a quick one looking at how to use the MaterialDatePicker component released by Google.

Aneke Peter

Holly Schinsky recommends

Upload Files Using React Native and Firebase — The fourth entry in a series on uploading files in React Native/Firebase apps, focused on monitoring upload progress and retrieving the download URL.

Younes Henni

Chris Brandrick recommends

40 Kotlin Interview Questions Android Devs Should Know

FullStack Cafe

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Dot Swift, February 2 — Paris, France — The European Swift conference returns, this time for a full day event.

MobOS, February 20-21 — Cluj-Napoca, Romania — The seventh edition of this mobile operating systems conference.

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