#​382 — December 17, 2021

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Announcing Jetpack Glance Alpha for App Widgets — Android 12 revamped App Widgets, and now this first alpha of Jetpack Glance is aiming to make building them easier. It’s a new framework built on top of the Jetpack Compose runtime designed to make it faster/simpler to build app widgets for the home screen and other surfaces.

Marcel Pintó Biescas (Google)

Peter Cooper recommends

Announcing Flutter 2.8 — A new release of Flutter landed last week, this post look over the numerous new features and improvements, along with a look back on a year of growth.

Tim Sneath

Stay Updated On The Evolving Jamstack Ecosystem — Join Brian Rinaldi for a free fortnightly email covering the latest from the growing Jamstack space.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Touch Design For Mobile Interfaces: Defining Mobile Devices — In this excerpt from his new book Steven shares how it’s important to understand a bit about the history, the technology, and what now counts as a mobile touchscreen device.

Steven Hoober

Chris Brandrick recommends

Swift Playgrounds 4 Now Available — An update to Apple’s tools that enable you to build iPhone/iPad apps right on iPad. Release notes here. John Voorhees at MacStories shares a first look at what's new.


Holly Schinsky recommends

WebRTC in A Nutshell — An introduction to WebRTC, an open source project that allows you to add peer to peer real-time communication capabilities to your apps.


Brian Rinaldi recommends

'The Tragedy of Safari' — Apple’s Safari ‘rarely gets respect from technical users’ – this post dives into why that’s maybe the case.

Magic Lasso

Chris Brandrick recommends

Value Classes in Kotlin: Good-Bye, Type Aliases!? — With the release of Kotlin 1.5.0, value classes (formerly known as inline classes) are finally stable. This post asks whether we should now drop all our type aliases and data classes in favor of value classes?

Frederik Kammel

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How Flutter 2.8 Enhances Mobile App Performance — A look at features like low latency app startup, a new concurrency model, and more.

Somyarajsinh jadeja

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Get a Device’s Dimensions in React Native — A quick look at how to make your app accommodate a wide range of device sizes.

Aziz Booker

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