#​381 — December 3, 2021

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Responsive Layouts, Fewer Media Queries — How to replace multiple media queries with, in some cases, only one CSS declaration — resulting in less code that’s easier to maintain.

Temani Afif

Chris Brandrick recommends

How Istanbul Became The Silicon Valley of The Mobile Gaming Industry — “although the current casual game industry in Turkey is thriving, it is also unsustainable and ‘based on super-fast consumption’”.

Kaya Genç

Switching from Interaction Design Tools to SwiftUI — Learn interaction prototyping and up your skills with SwiftUI, Apple’s declarative approach for building interfaces.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

PCM for In-App Direct Response Advertising — Private Click Measurement (PCM) is a proposed web standard for measuring the effectiveness of click-through ads in a privacy-preserving way. It can now be used for via SFSafariViewController.

Christensen, Cheney, Wilander (WebKit)

Chris Brandrick recommends

Amazon Acknowledges Its Appstore Is Breaking On Android 12

Emma Roth

Peter Cooper recommends

Apple Invites Some Developers to Try Swift Playgrounds 4 Ahead of Launch

Juli Clover

Holly Schinsky recommends

Eight Common Mobile Analytics Challenges And Pitfalls — And How To Avoid Them


Chris Brandrick recommends

📑 PDF: Mobile Data Traffic is up Almost 300-Fold Over 10 Years

Ericsson Mobility Report

Holly Schinsky recommends

React Native Component Libraries Every Mobile Developer Should Know

Fakhar Jamil

Chris Brandrick recommends

Twitter Rolls Back AMP Support, No Longer Sends Users to AMP Pages

Henry Powderly

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Use SQLite in Your Flutter Apps

Lumei Digital

Chris Brandrick recommends

Android 10 Is Coming to The Six-year-old Fairphone 2 — This is basically unheard of in the Android ecosystem.

Jon Porter