#​355 — May 14, 2021

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Announcing Ionic Portals — This new product from the Ionic team (now in alpha, with a waitlist) is a ‘supercharged WebView’ for extending native apps with rich web functionality via Capacitor.

Max Lynch

Peter Cooper recommends

Integrating Rust Into the Android Open Source Project — Dives into some of the key design considerations and resulting decisions made in integrating Rust support into Android’s build system.

Ivan Lozano (Google)

Holly Schinsky recommends

State of Mobile Development in 2021 — An overview of the pros and cons of several mobile development options, including NativeScript, Swift, Kotlin, and others.

David Fekke

Chris Brandrick recommends

96% of US Users Opt Out of App Tracking in iOS 14.5, Analytics Find — Some of the first data on user behavior exceeds advertisers’ worst fears.

Samuel Axon

Holly Schinsky recommends

Everything in React Native Starts with Cards and Ends With Cards — Developing reusable components in React Native.

shrey vijayvargiya

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Supercharge Your Website Using PWA: Background Sync — The latest entry in a series on getting the most of out of your PWA, this time looking specifically at adding background synchronization.

Tapajyoti Bose

Chris Brandrick recommends

The Future of Code Editor — You may know it as Coda or Diet Coda, but Panic’s iOS editor for developers is going away due to a lack of revenue to cover continued development.


Brian Rinaldi recommends

The End of AMP — A reminder that AMP pages will no longer get special treatment in Google Search.

Dwayne Lafleur

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