#​354 — May 7, 2021

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

'Why The Bad iPhone Web App Experience Keeps Coming Up in Epic v. Apple' — Apple seems to be publicly on the defensive regarding its support of Safari as the only iOS browser option this week, including in the big trial against Epic.

Dieter Bohn

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Progress Delayed is Progress Denied — “Apple’s iOS browser and engine are uniquely under-powered. Consistent delays in delivery of important features ensure the web can never be a credible alternative to its proprietary tools and App Store”. Alex makes the case with data. Worth reading Chris Coyier’s response as well.

Alex Russell

Interesting tidbit: Apple have removed Steve Jobs' 2010 essay 'Thoughts on Flash' from their website. This prompted an interesting discussion over on Hacker News.

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Targeting Android SDK 30 — A guide on what it can take to meet Google’s requirement that Play Store apps must target SDK 30 by August.

Chris Mathew

Holly Schinsky recommends

Announcing Adobe XD to Flutter v2.0 — This plugin is a powerful, easy-to-use tool to export XD designs into clean, functional code for Flutter — giving designers a fast path to production Flutter code.

Grant Skinner

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Android Studio 4.2 Includes Latest IntelliJ IDEA and Improves Developer Experience — The latest release of Android Studio brings its IntelliJ IDEA platform up to date and introduces a number of features aimed at improving developer experience.

Sergio De Simone

Chris Brandrick recommends

16px or Larger Text Prevents iOS Form Zoom — If the font-size of an <input> is 16px or larger, Safari on iOS will focus into the input normally. But as soon as the font-size is 15px or less, the viewport will zoom into that input. Via Josh W. Comeau.


Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Build a Mobile App That Actually Makes Money — Everything you need to know about how free mobile apps make money.

John Anderson beginner

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Three Ways to Improve the Mobile App Experience with Animation — Tips on how you can enhance your mobile app animations, and some things to stay away from.

Suzanne Scacca

Brian Rinaldi recommends

A Brief Introduction to Flipper for React Native Developers — A tool from Facebook for debugging your mobile apps.

Subramanya Chakravarthy

Peter Cooper recommends

Sizing Android WebView iFrames with JavaScript: A Debugging War Story

Clay Tobolka

Holly Schinsky recommends

Navigation Handling in React Native

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