#​352 — April 23, 2021

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📱 Mobile Dev Weekly

Chris Brandrick recommends

Apple Quietly Reveals That iOS 14.5 Will Arrive Next Week — Following their 'Spring Forward' event earlier this week Apple has now confirmed when the next version of iOS will arrive.

Allison Johnson

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Really Handle Mobile Viewports — How to properly set the vertical viewport hight to the visible space, not including the bottom menu bar.

Guy Torbet

Chris Brandrick recommends

The Current State of Mobile UX — Research here suggests that 52% of e-commerce sites still have severe mobile UX issues — this post explores some of those common pitfalls.

Baymard Institute

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Best React Native Map Libraries for Time-Strapped Developers — A look at the popular libraries for doing maps in React Native and diving into the react-native-maps library.


Holly Schinsky recommends

The Best React Native Libraries for Leveraging Native Features — Highlights the benefits of using certain React Native libraries to leverage native features in your app.

Youssouf El Azizi

Chris Brandrick recommends

What If Your Designers Want a Baseline Grid on iOS? — A detailed piece on getting your in-app typography just right.

Tammo Freese

Chris Brandrick recommends

Getting Ready for AppTrackingTransparency in iOS

Lee Kah Seng

Peter Cooper recommends

📑 PDF: A Security Analysis of Autofill on iOS and Android

Oesch, Gautam, Ruoti

Peter Cooper recommends

SwiftWinRT — If you want to dabble with Swift on Windows this package is worth a look.

Saleem Abdulrasool

UK Gov Wants Mobile Makers to Declare 'Death Dates' for Their New Devices
Gareth Corfield

How To Build Cross Platform Apps Using React, React Native And Redux
Andrew Baisden

Kotlin 1.5.0-RC Released: Changes to the Standard and Test Libraries
Pavel Semyonov