#​351 — April 16, 2021

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📱 Mobile Dev Weekly

Peter Cooper recommends

Why Some Developers Are Avoiding App Store Headaches by Going Web-Only — It’s still tough to opt out of Apple and Google’s ecosystems. But some app makers are coming around to the web’s upsides. This neatly loops back to Steve Jobs’ early opinions about the Web being the main mechanism for bringing third party apps to the iPhone.

Jared Newman

Chris Brandrick recommends

New Android 12 Features Revealed in Early Hands-on — This look at an unreleased build shows a few features not previously seen in the public developer previews.

Mishaal Rahman

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Swift Collections Brings New Data Structures to Swift — A new open-source package that aims to extend the choice of data structures available to Swift programmers beyond those provided in the standard library.

Sergio De Simone

Holly Schinsky recommends

Publishing a Progressive Web App on the PlayStore — Tips on what works and what doesn’t when publishing your PWA to the Google PlayStore.

Toni Engelhardt

🦋 A Focus on Flutter

Responsive Design At Different Levels in Flutter — Understanding how to achieve responsive design in Flutter.
Wenkai Fan

Flutter vs. React Native — Compare the strengths and weaknesses of Flutter and React Native in terms of performance, the developer ecosystem, and more.
Andrew Baisden

Flutter’s Skia Engine Takes Cross-Platform App Development To a New Level — Learn all about Skia, the graphics engine behind Flutter.
Attila Vágó

How to Add A Hover Effect to Your Flutter Apps
Naveen Srivastava

Why Use Flutter to Develop Mobile Apps?
Arooha Arif

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Adapting Your Angular Apps for Dual-Screen Devices with ngx-foldable — Find out how you can quickly adapt existing Angular apps for dual-screen devices (like the Surface Duo), without having to deep dive into custom-specific CSS and media queries.

Yohan Lasorsa

Chris Brandrick recommends

Analytics Built For React Native Developers — Forage is an analytics tool built with React Native in mind. It has a generous free-tier if you want to give it a shot.

Forage Analytics

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Why We Need Better Data Visualization for Mobile Apps

Suzanne Scacca

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Media Queries Are More Than Responsive Design

Laura Carballo