#332 — November 20, 2020

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Peter Cooper recommends

Apple Will Reduce App Store Cut to 15 Percent for Majority of Developers Starting January 1st — A substantial change to Apple’s longstanding App Store take (well, for developers earning less than $1m per year from the store, at least.) Here's the official post from Apple on the matter.

Nick Statt

Chris Brandrick recommends

Tales of a Mobile Developer on Consumer Growth — How a company like Yelp goes about rolling out a new feature, from initial idea to final implementation.

Arash Nase (Yelp)

New Relic and Insights Mobile Apps Best Practices — It’s critical for developers to track down performance issues quickly, diagnose their causes, and share the results with their team. You need access to essential information wherever you are. Learn how New Relic helps you get it from your phone.

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Peter Cooper recommends

Google to Pull Back Benefit to News Sites That Adopted AMP — As antitrust pressure mounts, Google has announced that it will end preferential treatment for sites using AMP in the spring of 2021. Adrianne Jeffries asks if the AMP format will die as a result of this?

The Markup

Chris Brandrick recommends

Twitter Could Face Its First GDPR Penalty Within Days — Due to a bug in their Android app.

Natasha Lomas (TechCrunch)

Holly Schinsky recommends

Animated Bar Charts In Flutter — How to use the charts_flutter library to create bar charts in your Flutter apps.

Shaiq khan

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Why Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform Development — This software development company share why they chose Flutter as one of the cross-platform development toolkits, and what components make it an optimal choice.


Peter Cooper recommends

Building an SQLite Ionic App with Capacitor — If you need to store more data than a few keys, the SQLite Ionic integration that you can easily use with Capacitor is a good option.

Simon Grimm

Chris Brandrick recommends

Floating Windows on Android — A comprehensive ten-part series guiding you through how to use floating windows in your Android app.

Václav Hodek

Stream Announced the Public v2.0 Availability of Their React Native SDK — The React Native SDK is now rewritten in TypeScript to ensure type safety for easier-to-read code and debugging.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Push Notifications Guide for Ionic & Capacitor — This tutorial is from earlier in the year, but we seemed to miss it at the time. It looks at using Firebase to integrate notifications.

Simon Grimm

Chris Brandrick recommends

Jailed For Making A Ticket Booking App — How one Indian app developer ended up in hot water due to complicated bureaucracy - specifically the Indian Railways Act of 1989.

Nikhila Henry

Chris Brandrick recommends

Why Some People Aren’t Happy About Instagram‘s New Home Screen — …and why they have a point.

Michael J. Fordham