#331 — November 13, 2020

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Timing for Bringing Page Experience to Google Search — The big news here for mobile devs is that non-AMP content will be eligible to appear in the mobile Top Stories feature in Search starting next May, provided they meet certain criteria. Page experience signals in rankings will roll out in May 2021.


Peter Cooper recommends

App Store Connect to Demand App Privacy Info from Developers — As of December 8, you’ll need to enter your app’s privacy information into App Store Connect in order to submit a new app or provide updates. The outcome is that users can be reassured about an app’s privacy practices before they install it.


How to Build Video in 2 API Calls — You don't have to be a video expert to build video. Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy to build beautiful video that streams everywhere.

Mux sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Five Things to A/B Test to Make Your Mobile Apps Better — Strategies and benefits from implementing A/B testing on a variety of different mobile assets.

Suzanne Scacca

Peter Cooper recommends

Intercepting HTTPS on Android — To intercept, inspect or manipulate HTTPS traffic, you need the HTTPS client to trust you and here’s how the HTTP Toolkit pulls it off.

Tim Perry (HTTP Toolkit)

Chris Brandrick recommends

Announcing the Release of Stream's React Native v2.0 SDK — This updated SDK (which is available now) is completely rewritten in TypeScript, and also provides improvements to performance, better context, and prop support across features.

Tess G

Brian Rinaldi recommends

My Initial Thoughts on Using Flutter and Dart for App Development — Initial impressions and experiences of someone coming to Dart from a JavaScript background.

Andrew Baisden

Holly Schinsky recommends

Publishing Flutter Firebase App to Play Store — A quick guide running through how to submit your Flutter applications with Firebase to the Google Play Store.

Sarthak B

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Save and Read Data from Shared Preferences in Flutter — Shared preferences can be used to store a small amount of data in the local memory.

Mohit Agrawal

Build Code and Ship In App Messaging in a Few Hours — Stream makes it easy with SDKs and Chat React UI Components. Stream powers Feeds and Chat for over one billion end-users.

Stream sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Understanding flex-grow, flex-shrink, and flex-basis — A primer on the ways in which the flex properties interact and how they work under the hood.

Robin Rendle

Holly Schinsky recommends

Demystifying Responsive Layout in Flutter

Souvik Biswas

Holly Schinsky recommends

Some Things To Keep In Mind While Developing A Messaging App

Sophia Martin

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Use The GridView Widget in Your Flutter Apps

Murtaza Sulaihi

Peter Cooper recommends

Goodbye, Native Apps — Not strictly a mobile related piece, but reflects on how hybrid apps “are taking over” native apps and whether thats a wholly good thing.

Shalitha Suranga