#322 — September 11, 2020

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Turning It Up to 11: Android 11 for Developers — It’s official, the next version of Android is now rolling out. This post looks at what it offers developers, whereas a more consumer focused post looks at 11 new features this new mobile OS brings to the table.

Stephanie Cuthbertson (Google)

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Tim Sneath: "Flutter Is To Apps As Unity Is To Games" — An interview with Tim Sneath, Google’s product manager for Flutter and Dart, about how both the language and the framework have evolved over the last two years, how they’re being used today, and where they’re headed.

Iurii Gurzhii

Slow and Expensive CI Build? — Ship your updates 2x faster. Save more than 150% by switching to faster pipelines on Semaphore.

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Peter Cooper recommends

Tophatting in React Native — In an effort to improve the tophatting experience at Shopify, the ecommerce platform built a custom tool enabling their React Native devs to quickly load up their peer’s work. This post explores, in detail, how it works.

Charles Zhang (Shopify)

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Reality of Using AR in Mobile Apps in 2020 — Explore the pros, cons, and valid use cases for using augmented reality (AR) in your mobile app development.

Suzanne Scacca

Holly Schinsky recommends

Flutter: The Next Big Thing — If you’ve not played around with Flutter yet this post outlines why it might be a solid choice for your mobile dev needs.

Gautam Paul

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Working with JavaScript Media Queries — When I think of media queries I’m thinking CSS, but as Marko explains we also have media queries for JavaScript too. Here’s how they work.


Chris Brandrick recommends

Why You Should Charge More for Your App Subscriptions — “if you’re going to make the switch to subscription .. you should focus on your best customers and charge them more”.

Matt Ronge

Try the Fastest, Most Secure Way to Test and Build Software Today 🚀 — Buildkite is as fast and enjoyable to use at 500 developers as it is at 10. Self-hosted agents work with all languages.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Microsoft Surface Duo Review: Double Troubles — A new dual-screen Android device from Microsoft. The hardware looks solid, but the software isn’t quite there yet.

Dieter Bohn

Peter Cooper recommends

Reddit Gets Its App to 50 Million Play Store Downloads, 'Mostly by Making The Mobile Web Experience Miserable' — A look at the somewhat insistent methods used by Reddit to get their app to such a sizeable milestone in just a few years.

Richard Gao

Holly Schinsky recommends

Using The BLoC Pattern for Clean Flutter Apps — A real-life example of using the BLoC pattern.

Antonello Galipò

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Use The Share Package to Share Files in Your Flutter Apps

Shaiq khan

Chris Brandrick recommends

Getting Ready for 5G On Android

Stella Loh (Google)