#320 — August 28, 2020

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📱 Mobile Dev Weekly

Brian Rinaldi recommends

New to Mobile App Design? Six Things to Know for Your Next Mobile Project — A really good guide covering things to consider for a mobile project including determining web or native and which platforms to target.

Mandy Valladares

Chris Brandrick recommends

5G Just Got Weird — The industry group 3GPP is taking 5G in new directions, as the latest set of standards lay the groundwork for new services that have “never been addressed by cellular before”.

Michael Koziol (IEEE Spectrum)

Reduce Test Time Without Sacrificing Security 🚀 — Run your build infrastructure on your terms. Self-hosted agents mean the choice between the speed of cloud-native and security of on-prem is over. Buildkite works with all source code tools, languages and platforms, speeding up mobile tests at scale. Try now.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Apple Blocks Facebook Update That Called Out 30-Percent App Store ‘Tax’ — Facebook had to remove the message from a new feature.

Sam Byford

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Chrome & PWAs in Chrome 85 — What’s new or changed in PWA support in the latest release.

Maximiliano Firtman

Chris Brandrick recommends

'Stealing' Local Files using Safari Web Share API? — We spotted this via Maximiliano Firtman’s tweet, and it appears iOS has/had an issue by which things like your iOS Safari browsing history could be extracted under certain conditions, although some commenters on recent builds are not experiencing it. More details here (raised issue with the W3C).

Pawel Wylecial

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Is Google AMP the Right Choice for Your Website? — The pros and cons of choosing AMP from different perspectives - a developer, a user and SEO.

Abhishek Chaudhary

Holly Schinsky recommends

React Native: Final Steps to Ship — A handy checklist to use when you’re ready to ship your React Native app.

Gant Laborde

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Flutter for Web: An Ultimate Guide — A good overview of the how Flutter for Web offers the ability to make responsive sites that leverage adaptive design patterns for the browser.

Karan Shah

Peter Cooper recommends

Infinite Scroll without Layout Shifts — Learn how to implement infinite scrolling for long lists without causing surprising layout shifts.

Addy Osmani

Holly Schinsky recommends

Developing Beautiful UIs in Flutter — A hands-on tutorial exploring how to develop a Flutter app using a Dribbble design from scratch.

Abhishek Wagh

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Using Mobx As A State Manager In React Native Applications

Fortune Ikechi

Holly Schinsky recommends

Building Flutter Apps with GraphQL in The Backend

Ritesh Sharma