#318 — August 14, 2020

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Epic Offers New Direct Payment in Fortnite On iOS & Android to Get Around App Store Fees — In a premeditated game of dare, Epic started offering a way to bypass using in-app purchases within their popular Fortnite game yesterday. This move breaks app store rules - and both Apple and Google were quick to pull the game from their respective stores, angering millions of players. This story is still developing, and the saga surrounding the 30% App Store cut continues on...

Andrew Webster

Peter Cooper recommends

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for Web Developers — An in-draft, ‘living document’ covering a variety of things to consider when building Web experiences for users on the forthcoming new version of iOS.

Maximiliano Firtman

Reduce Test Time Without Sacrificing Security 🚀 — Run your build infrastructure on your terms. Self-hosted agents mean the choice between the speed of cloud-native and security of on-prem is over. Buildkite works with all source code tools, languages and platforms, speeding up mobile tests at scale. Try now.

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The End of PhoneGap

Earlier this week Adobe announced it is stopping development/investment on their app development framework PhoneGap:

An Update for Customers Using PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build — The end for the PhoneGap product line (including PhoneGap Build and Cordova) is now in sight, with Adobe citing a decline in usage following the rise of PWAs.

Adobe I/O

Is The Phone Gap Closed in 2020? — PhoneGap’s original stated goal was to become obsolete as browsers gained all the capabilities only then available to mobile apps. With the announcement of the end of PhoneGap, has this gap really been closed?

Maximiliano Firtman

Saying Goodbye to PhoneGap — The founder of Ionic reflects on the legacy of PhoneGap and the future of alternatives like Capacitor.

Max Lynch

Migrating to the Cordova CLI — If you happen to still be using Adobe’s PhoneGap Build service, you’ll need to migrate off of it. This post shows how to use the CLI to build locally instead.

Chris Griffith

Peter Cooper recommends

Google Is Turning Android Phones Into Seismometers“Whenever the phone thinks it has detected an earthquake, it will send that info to a central server which then determines whether this was really an earthquake.”


Holly Schinsky recommends

Which Is Better, React Native or Ionic React? — A comparison between React Native and Ionic React for building mobile apps.

Prashanth Tondapu

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Adding Animations to Your Android App using The Lottie Library — Lottie is a third-party animations library created by Airbnb.

Shivam Dhuria

Holly Schinsky recommends

Google Reports 80% Spike of Flutter-Built Apps in Play Store As 1.20 Is Released

Tim Anderson

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Five Tips for Learning Grid — Tips for better understanding common areas of confusion about using CSS Grid.

Anna J McDougall

Holly Schinsky recommends

Level Up Your Flutter Apps with Autofill — How to use the new autofill feature in your Flutter apps.

TruongSinh Tran-Nguyen

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Easily Turn Your Site to A Progressive Web App — A step-by-step tutorial for converting an existing site into a basic PWA.

Ilemona Achimugu

Peter Cooper recommends

Figma to Code: Generate Responsive Pages for Tailwind, Flutter, and SwiftUI — A free design-to-code plugin for Figma that converts your layouts to responsive code.

Bernardo Ferrari