#317 — August 7, 2020

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Peter Cooper recommends

The Top 12 Mobile Programming Languages (According to IEEE) — Over the past few years, a number of upstart programming languages have emerged in the mobile-development arena, looking to supplant “old guard” languages. The presence of Scheme and Delphi on the list make it a bit of an odd one, though..

Nick Kolakowski (Dice)

Holly Schinsky recommends

Top UI/UX Design Trends That You Should Follow While Designing A Mobile App — A list of UI/UX tips and best practices to follow when building a mobile app in 2020.

Sophia Martin

Launch Scalable iOS/Swift, Android, React Chat In Days — Stream makes it easy with SDKs and Chat React UI Components. Stream powers Feeds and Chat for over 500 million end-users.

Stream sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Preparing Your App to be the Default Browser or Email Client — I never thought I would see the day, but here we are - guidance from Apple on how to configure your app for iOS 14 so users can set it as the default (instead of Safari of Mail).

Apple Developer

Peter Cooper recommends

Bringing Darkness to the BBC Sounds Mobile Apps — The tale of bringing dark mode support to the BBC’s popular audio app.

Polly McEldowney (BBC)

Holly Schinsky recommends

Lessons Learned After Making the First 10 Commercial Apps in Flutter — Insights and lessons learned from two developers who’ve built several commercial apps with Flutter.

Łukasz Kosman and Jakub Wojtczak

Holly Schinsky recommends

Announcing Flutter 1.20 — Flutter 1.20 has been released with performance improvements, mobile autofill, a new widget and more.

Chris Sells

Chris Brandrick recommends

How the Custom Ringtone Industry Paved the Way for the App Store — and Then Vanished — Not particularly dev focused, but a fun look back at what came before the app industry we know today. Also, Crazy Frog.

Gil Kazimirov

Chris Brandrick recommends

Huawei's Replacement for Google Mobile Services Is Coming Along Nicely — Yup, Huawei is currently building a replacement to Google Mobile Services (GMS) , a gargantuan task — here’s an update on how they are doing.

Ryan Daws