#299 — March 27, 2020

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Apple Just Killed Offline Web Apps While Purporting to Protect Your Privacy — Recent changes to Safari mean that local storage now expires after seven days. Aral suggests that this change “effectively kills offline web apps”.

Aral Balkan

Peter Cooper recommends

Safari Now Blocks Third-Party Cookies By Default — As mentioned above, Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) has been in beta for a few months, and is now live in both the iOS and macOS builds. It brings about big privacy changes, including cross-site cookies now being blocked by default.

John Wilander (WebKit)

Looking for an Alternative to Crashlytics? 🙋‍♀️ — Resolve mobile app crashes with precision. Quickly search, segment, and prioritize the errors that affect your users. Bugsnag provides best in class support for all mobile platforms: Android, iOS, React Native, and Unity. Try it free.

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Peter Cooper recommends

Swift 5.2 Released — This release improves upon compiler diagnostics, code completion, dependency handling, and more. This blog post takes a quick tour of the main changes.

Ted Kremenek (Apple)

Holly Schinsky recommends

Demystifying State Management Options in Flutter — Runs through key differences of the opinionated state management options for the application state in the context of the MVVM design pattern.

Smit Sonani

Peter Cooper recommends

The iOS 13 Design Guidelines: An Illustrated Guide — Here’s everything you need to know to design an iPhone app that follows standard iOS 13 conventions and styles. A thorough resource that’s worth bookmarking.

Erik D. Kennedy

Chris Brandrick recommends

What Does playsinline Mean in Web Video? — Have you noticed how sometimes in mobile browsers a video will play right where it is instead of the fullscreen default? Here’s how that works.

Chris Coyier

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Share Images to Your Website using The Web Share Target API — How to use the Web Share Target API to share images from your phone gallery to your site and handle the data.

Michael Scharnagl

Chris Brandrick recommends

Supporting Pointer Interactions is iOS 13.4 — Apple introduced new pointer events recently to better support trackpad and mouse devices.


Launch Scalable iOS/Swift, Android, React Chat In Days — Stream makes it easy with SDKs and Chat React UI Components. Stream powers Feeds and Chat for over 500 million end-users.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Handle Navigation in React Native with 'react-navigation 5' — Version 5 is stable and this looks at new APIs and hot to use them in React Native applications.

Said Hayani

Holly Schinsky recommends

Building An Offline To-Do App with React

Shubham Chadokar

Peter Cooper recommends

Understanding the Android App Development Kit

Esther Vaati

Chris Brandrick recommends

Building a Pokedex with Flutter

Rasmus Thorsen