#298 — March 20, 2020

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Mobile Developer Weekly

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Android 11 Developer Preview 2 Is Out Now — Google launched the second developer preview of Android 11 earlier this week, featuring hinge angle detection support, the addition of a 5G state API, call screening improvements, and new controls in the Neural Networks API.

Dave Burke

Brian Rinaldi recommends

What's New in NativeScript 6.5 — Includes improvements in the creation and styling of Tabs as well as experimental support for KotlinJS.

Nick Iliev

How to Build Video in 2 API Calls — You don't have to be a video expert to build video. Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy to build beautiful video that streams everywhere.

Mux sponsor

Peter Cooper recommends

Ionic React Gets a New Landing Page — If you want to build mobile, Web and desktop apps with a mature framework, Ionic is worth checking out. Ionic React’s new landing page includes live demos, plus access to sample apps which you can edit and play with in your browser (such as this music player).


Holly Schinsky recommends

The Differences Between React Native and Flutter — Highlighting what’s different between React Native vs Flutter for mobile app development.

Gapur Kassym

Chris Brandrick recommends

Customize Media Notifications and Playback Controls with The Media Session API — A look at how to customize media notifications and respond to media related events, such as seeking or track changing with the Media Session API.

François Beaufort

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Designing Web Apps for the Apple Watch using Toucaan CSS Framework — How to make your apps work on watches using intrinisically scalable web design.

Marvin Danig

In-App Subscriptions Made Easy — RevenueCat is the best way to implement cross-platform in-app subscriptions and receipt validation in your app. Free to get started.

RevenueCat sponsor

Peter Cooper recommends

Creating Native Components That Accept React Native Subviews — Let’s say you have a native component you want to render React Native views inside.. how? “I’ll show you how to make a native component which provides bottom sheet functionality to React Native and lets you render React views inside of it.”

Joe Redridge (Shopify)

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Do You Really Understand the Viewport — A detailed look at the viewport and sizes as it relates to the meta viewport tag.

Shabab Ali

Holly Schinsky recommends

Flutter: Simple Dependency Injection Library — How to use the ‘flutter_simple_dependency_injection’ library in your Flutter apps.

Arathi Shankri

Peter Cooper recommends

tailwind-rn: Use Tailwind CSS in React Native — Styles are generated from the Tailwind source, making it easy to keep the module up to date with current Tailwind features.

Vadim Demedes

Chris Brandrick recommends

Mozilla Helps Modernize Feature Phones Powered by Firefox Tech — It’s helping KaiOS update an offshoot of the Firefox OS project that Mozilla canceled in 2017.

Stephen Shankland

🗓 Upcoming Events

Demystifying PWAs, March 25 — Online — In this upcoming webinar Lee Warrick will offer an introduction to PWAs and show you what you need to know to start building one.

Android Makers, April 20-21 — Paris, France Online — Join experts for two days of sessions, workshops and showcases. (This event is now a virtual event, see this blog update for more details).

App.js Conf, April 23-24 — Kraków, PolandDue to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event has now been cancelled.

Codemotion, March 27-28 June, 11-12 — Rome, Italy — With speakers from GitHub, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Google, Cloudinary and more. (Due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy this event has been postponed until June).

FlutterConf, April 18 August 29 — Minsk, Belarus — A single-day conference for Flutter technology enthusiasts. (This event has been rescheduled).

App Dev Con, March 10-13 September 15-18 — Amsterdam, NL — Four day event with both training and conference. (This event has now been postponed until September).

Note: Due to the travel disruption caused by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, please check the status of events you are attending or wish to attend. We are checking each event we list prior to publication, but the situation can change quickly.