#286 — December 13, 2019

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Holly Schinsky recommends

Announcing Flutter 1.12 — Flutter 1.12 has been released with several performance improvements, localizations for 24 new locales, new widgets and more.

Chris Sells

Peter Cooper recommends

Web Support for Flutter Goes Beta — Flutter’s web support graduates from technical preview to beta. When enabled, creating a new Flutter project now not only includes Android and iOS host apps, but also includes a web/ directory that contains everything you need to compile and run the same project code in a browser.

Mariam Hasnany

You Need a Bigger Nerd — No matter if you need an app built from the ground up or some support to get you across the finish line, Big Nerd Ranch can help.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Five App Design Trends You Should Know for 2020 — Suzanne’s predictions are all around how progressive web apps will impact mobile app design.

Suzanne Scacca

Chris Brandrick recommends

"Link In Bio" Is A Slow Knife — Thoughts on how the ‘link in bio’ phrase (often seen on Instagram) is a subtle, and yet pervasive, attempt to “kill the web”.

Anil Dash

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Exploring SwiftUI - A Brief History of Apple UI Development and Initial Impressions — Takes a look at SwiftUI's predecessors to better understand what Apple is trying to improve upon, in addition to some initial impressions of the relatively new toolkit.

Benedict Quinn

Peter Cooper recommends

A Smart Feature Flagging System for iOS — A look at how Just Eat (a popular food ordering app in the UK) has implemented feature flagging and its own JustTweak component.

Just Eat

Chris Brandrick recommends

Preventing Tracking Prevention Tracking — The cat and mouse game of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) continues. Here’s a look at recent enhancements to ITP within Safari.

John Wilander (WebKit)

The Live Streaming API Perfect for UGC — Whether you have thousands of streams or millions of viewers, automatically deliver the best viewer experience with Mux's live streaming API.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

Ionic 4: How to Create Mobile Apps Quickly — A quick start tutorial on creating mobile apps quickly in just a few steps.

Didin Jamaludin

Peter Cooper recommends

Better Android Testing at Airbnb: Screenshot Testing — How screenshot testing is used to automatically test the fragments within Airbnb’s UI.

Eli Hart

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to 'Fight Back' Against Google AMP As A Web User and A Web Developer — There continues to be push back against AMP from some within the developer community.

Marko Saric

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Implement A 'Forgot Password' Feature in A React Native App with Firebase

Aman Mittal

Brian Rinaldi recommends

ResponsiveViewer — A Chrome extension for testing responsive sites. Shows multiple screens in one view.


🗓 Upcoming Events

Droidcon, December 20-21 — Madrid, Spain — Back after a two-year hiatus. Two days of 'high-energy and in-depth' tech talks.

dotSwift, February 3 — Paris, France — A single-day European Swift conference with talks from Kaya Thomas, Guilherme Rambo and more.

Appdevcon, March 10-13 — Amsterdam, Netherlands — International app developer conference with additional training and tutorial days.