#285 — December 6, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Adaptive Loading: Improving Web Performance On Low-End Devices — A pattern that aims to offer a faster experience to all users (including low-end devices) while progressively adding high-end-only features.

Addy Osmani

Peter Cooper recommends

A New Beginning for React Native at Walmart — Nearly all of Walmart’s grocery app is now powered by React Native. This is the story of their journey and some of the technical challenges they faced.

Walmart Labs

Brian Rinaldi recommends

'Apple Is Trying to Kill Web Technology'? — Argues that Apple has made it extremely difficult to use web-based technology on its platforms in the hopes that developers won’t bother.

Owen Williams

Powerful iOS CI/CD Pipelines. Pay Only for What You Use — Built for mobile developer productivity, Semaphore lets you model your iOS CI/CD workflow with fully-customizable pipelines. With our pricing model, you pay for only what you use. Sign up for free with GitHub and give it a try today.

Semaphore sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Complete React Native Guide to User Authentication with The Amplify Framework — An in-depth guide for adding authentication to your next mobile app using React Native and AWS Amplify.

Nader Dabit

Holly Schinsky recommends

How Is Flutter Different From Native, Web-view, and Other Cross-platform Frameworks — An architectural comparison between Flutter and other cross-platform solutions.

Wajahat Karim

Peter Cooper recommends

React Native vs Flutter: A Comparison From a Real Project Perspective — Sure, Flutter uses Dart, React uses JavaScript or TypeScript, but the differences to deeper than that. Here are some high level thoughts on why to pick one or the other.

Andréas Hanss

Chris Brandrick recommends

Amplify DataStore – Simplify Development of Offline Apps with GraphQL — There’s been a flurry of new AWS announcements this week (see our latest StatusCode newsletter for more on that) - this one is a new on-device mobile-friendly storage repository for writing, reading, and observing changes to data.

Sébastien Stormacq (AWS)

Chris Brandrick recommends

Making Fetch Happen: Replacing Native Plugins with Web APIs — Instead of reaching for a native plugin to add features to your Ionic app, here’s how to use built-in browser Web APIs as an alternative.

Matt Netkow

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Detecting Shakes in NativeScript — How to detect a “shake” gesture in NativeScript apps using the nativescript-accelerometer plugin.

Alexander Vakrilov (NativeScript)

Launch Scalable iOS/Swift/Android/React Chat In Days... — Stream makes it easy with SDKs and Chat React UI Components. Stream powers Feeds and Chat for over 500 million end-users.

Stream sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Six Web Performance Technologies to Watch in 2020 — “Don’t bet on 5G and HTTP/3 to make things faster" — Here are six other technologies that the author thinks will have a bigger impact on web performance next year.

Simon Hearne

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Switching in Swift — Some of the interesting and useful things you can do with a Swift switch.

Benedict Quinn

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Build Ionic Apps with React

John Au-Yeung

Holly Schinsky recommends

Building A PWA with Vanilla JavaScript

Sayan Mondal

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Microsoft Has Turned Outlook Into A PWA

Tom Warren

Chris Brandrick recommends

Turning an iPhone into an iPod Classic with SwiftUI

Elvin Hu on Twitter

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