#283 — November 22, 2019

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Meet doctor: A New React Native Command — The new doctor command helps out with getting started, troubleshooting and automatically fixing errors with your React Native development environment.

Lucas Bento

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Request with Intent: Caching Strategies in The Age of PWAs — With PWAs, Service Workers, and the Cache API, we can now cache everything we want to… “and therein lies a potential problem”.

Aaron Gustafson

A Live Streaming API That's Perfect for Mobile — Whether you have thousands of streams or millions of viewers, automatically deliver the best viewer experience with Mux's live streaming API. Sign up and get $20 credit today.

Mux sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Introducing the Apple Developer App — As a way to keep devs informed all year round Apple have repurposed their WWDC app. You can grab the updated app here.


Holly Schinsky recommends

Is Flutter Ready for Enterprise Mobile Apps? — A specific look at the requirements typically needed for enterprise mobile apps and an evaluation of whether Flutter can support them.

Gary Chang

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Performing iOS Animations On Views with UIKit and UIView — This article aims to be a primer on iOS animations exhaustively covering different ways of doing so.

Smashing Magazine

Peter Cooper recommends

Apple Has Locked Me Out of My Developer Account — This developer shares his account of hitting a frustrating roadblock with Apple’s dev support.

Guilherme Rambo

Chris Brandrick recommends

How Swift Achieved Dynamic Linking Where Rust Couldn't — A high-level write up looking at the details of Swift’s Application Binary Interface (ABI).

Alexis Beingessner

Write and Refactor Your iOS Apps Faster With AppCode — Need to refactor a large code base? Can’t find a class reference? Code generation not working? Try AppCode.

JetBrains sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Swiftly: A "One-Stop Swift Reference Site for Busy Coders" — This new site contains example-driven reference pages for Swift 5.1.

Eugene Belinski

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Mobile Dark Patterns — Common anti-patterns in mobile app user experience.

Steven Hoober

Holly Schinsky recommends

Evaluating Flutter with Spikes & Prototypes — What one developer learnt from spending a few days with Google’s framework.

Richard Adams

Za'e Johnson recommends

Create HTML5 Native Games in Ionic Capacitor Apps using Phaser — Learn how to create HTML5 games using Phaser in Capacitor Ionic apps.

Abhijeet Rathore

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Learn Dart (for Flutter) by Comparing It to TypeScript


🗓 Upcoming Events

Swift Alps, November 28-29 — Crans-Montana, Switzerland — An experimental Swift 'mountain get-away' with on-site mentors and plenty of workshops.

Mobius, December 7-8 — Moscow, Russia — A conference for mobile app devs with a program of engineering talks covering a wide-range of Android and iOS topics.

Droidcon, December 20-21 — Madrid, Spain — Back after a two-year hiatus. Two days of 'high-energy and in-depth' tech talks.