#282 — November 15, 2019

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Peter Cooper recommends

How Discord Achieves Native iOS Performance with React Native — Discord, the popular gamer-aimed chat system, chose React Native very early on as the basis for their iOS app, but they’ve had to invest a lot of effort in keeping it performant.

Miguel Gaeta

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Web Almanac 2019: Mobile Web — This is a comprehensive report on the state of the web as a whole. We’ve linked up the chapter focusing on the mobile web, but the entire document is worth digging into.

HTTP Archive

Chris Brandrick recommends

▶  Motorola Resurrects The Razr As A Foldable Android Smartphone — Everything old is new again. The Razr is coming back, in the form of a modern foldable Android flip phone. This, along with the Galaxy Fold, marks the start of a new age of form-factor exploration — and work for developers on how to mold their apps to fit these new experiences.

Chaim Gartenberg

Get Best in Class Crash Reporting for Your Mobile Apps 📱 — Resolve mobile app crashes with precision. Quickly search, segment, and prioritize the errors that affect your users. Bugsnag provides best in class support for all mobile platforms: Android, iOS, React Native, and Unity. Try it free.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

GitHub Finally Has Its Own iOS and Android Apps — ..bringing GitHub collaboration tools to your pocket. You can sign up for the beta now.

Klint Finley

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Getting Started with the React Native Navigation Library — Wern Ancheta looks at the React Native Navigation library by Wix, an alternative navigation library offering a smoother navigation performance for React Native apps.


Chris Brandrick recommends

▶  PWA and The Installable Web — A talk from this week’s Chrome Dev Summit looking at options for installed web experiences from browsers and the Play Store. Covers when, where and how to promote web install and best practices for UX and measuring success in installed web apps.

Google Chrome Developers

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Understanding Dependency Injection in Android — It is hard to talk about dependency injection without mentioning Dagger. Dagger is becoming more and more popular among Android developers…

Marcelo Benites

Holly Schinsky recommends

Building a Responsive Website using Flutter — The second part in a series on creating a responsive UI with Flutter Web. Part one is here.

Dane Mackier

Peter Cooper recommends

Implementing iOS 13 Dark Mode in The New BigCommerce Mobile App — How the mobile team for ecommerce platform BigCommerce added support for a major new feature of iOS 13.

Dan Murrell

Level Up Your Web Skills in Less Than a Week — Learn to build flexible and complete full-stack web applications with the latest web technologies in just four and a half days.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

A Practical Guide: Getting Adoption for Design Systems — How to gain true adoption for your design system by developers… and everyone else.

Jonathan Saring

Peter Cooper recommends

OpenSwiftUI: An Open Source Implementation of Apple's SwiftUI DSL — This project is in early development.

Devran Ünal

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Get More Subs to Your Freemium Mobile App

Suzanne Scacca

🗓 Upcoming Events

Swift Alps, November 28-29 — Crans-Montana, Switzerland — An experimental Swift 'mountain get-away' with on-site mentors and plenty of workshops.

Mobius, December 7-8 — Moscow, Russia — A conference for mobile app devs with a program of engineering talks covering a wide-range of Android and iOS topics.

Droidcon, December 20-21 — Madrid, Spain — Back after a two-year hiatus. Two days of 'high-energy and in-depth' tech talks.