#280 — November 1, 2019

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Mobile Developer Weekly
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Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Landscape of Cross-Platform App Development — An attempt to make sense of the cross-platform mobile framework landscape. My comment offers my perspective.

Chris Coyier

Brian Rinaldi recommends

An Interview with React NativeScript Creator Jamie Birch — React NativeScript is a new community project to bring React support to NativeScript.

Rob Lauer

Deploy Scalable iOS/Swift/Android/React Chat In Days... — Developers are using Stream’s scalable Chat API to ship in-app chat in a fraction of the time. Stream makes it easy with Chat SDKs and Chat React UI Components. See why Stream is trusted to power Feeds and Chat for over 500 million end-users.

Stream sponsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

Firebase Push Notification in Ionic React app using Capacitor — Learn how to implement Firebase push notifications in Ionic-React apps using Capacitor.

Abhijeet Rathore

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Six Tools for Debugging React Native — The most commonly used debugging tools in the React Native ecosystem, starting with the Developer Menu.

Said Hayani

Chris Brandrick recommends

When Should You Expect to Receive Android 10? — When you should expect Android 10 to arrive on your non-Pixel phone.

Android Authority

Brian Rinaldi recommends

▶  Learn How to Develop Native Android Apps with Kotlin — A full, free video training course (3.5 hours).

Ryan Kay

Holly Schinsky recommends

Building Flutter Apps for Multiple Screen Sizes and Devices — A look at how to build Flutter apps that scale beautifully to any device. Introduces DeviceSimulator to quickly test for multiple screens.

Viktor Lidholt

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Performant Gesture-Driven Animation On The Mobile Web — Gesture-driven animation examples on the mobile web from a talk at React Conf 2019.

Alex Holachek

Get 🚀 Frontend Focus — A once–weekly email roundup of the best frontend news, articles and tutorials. HTML, CSS, browser tech, and more.

Cooperpress annoucement

Brian Rinaldi recommends

High Performance Video Editing for the Mobile Web — Forbes Lindesay shares his experience of creating a high-performance video editor that was written for a mobile web app.

Guy Nesher

Chris Brandrick recommends

Swift 5.1 Two Quick Tips — A brief look at some new language features in version 5.1 of Swift.

Keith Harrison

Brian Rinaldi recommends

AR models in the Web on Android and iOS — You can show a 3D model in the mobile browser on Chrome and Safari but special formats are required.

Riccardo Giorato

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Responsive Design Ground Rules — A set of guidelines to consider when developing a responsive site.


🗓 Upcoming Events

Mobile Era, November 7-8 — Oslo, Norway — A multi-track conference covering iOS, Android, the mobile web, PWAs, accessibility and more.

Swift Alps, November 28-29 — Crans-Montana, Switzerland — An experimental Swift 'mountain get-away' with on-site mentors and plenty of workshops.

Mobius, December 7-8 — Moscow, Russia — A conference for mobile app devs with a program of engineering talks covering a wide-range of Android and iOS topics.

Droidcon, December 20-21 — Madrid, Spain — Back after a two-year hiatus. Two days of 'high-energy and in-depth' tech talks.