#279 — October 25, 2019

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Chris Brandrick recommends

▶  The Mobile Web: MIA — In this video from the recent Fronteers conference Alex Russell, Software Engineer at Google, talks about responsive design and how it didn't play out as we might have hoped: “We made our viewports smaller, but forgot to reduce everything else”.

Alex Russell

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Term "Responsive Web Design" Has Failed — In relation to the above video. Argues that responsive web design “has always focussed so heavily on the visual, dimensional, aspects of digital design” and that “as a movement, it’s failed to capture the true otherness of being on a small screen”.

Frances Berriman

Brian Rinaldi recommends

A Guide To Optimizing Images For Mobile — A look at how digital image optimization service ImageKit can help with reducing loading speeds.

Suzanne Scacca

Try the Fastest iOS CI/CD Solution for Free — Faster iOS CI/CD means greater productivity for your team and a better experience for your users. Automate your app’s CI/CD pipeline with Semaphore now and release 2x faster than with other platforms.

Semaphore 2.0 sponsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

Introducing Progressive Web Apps to Samsung Galaxy Store — …and how to add yours to the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Ada Rose Cannon

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Android 9 Was Installed On Less Than A Quarter of The Ecosystem As Android 10 Launched — Google hopes Android 10 upgrades will happen ‘noticeably sooner this year’.

Dieter Bohn

Holly Schinsky recommends

Inside Adobe Spectrum, The Design System Making Apps Like Photoshop On IPad Possible — Adobe announces the public release of Spectrum, a comprehensive cross-platform design system with built-in accessibility, themes and internationalization.

Michael Steeber

Peter Cooper recommends

Six Reasons Why iOS 13 and Catalina Are So Buggy — A former Apple software engineer shares some thoughts as to why this year’s release cycle has been particularly buggy.

David Shayer

Chris Brandrick recommends

How to Design Delightful Dark Themes — Tips on how to design dark themes that are “readable, balanced, and delightful”.

Teresa Man

Build Rich Group Chat with React and Ably — Use Ably’s APIs and the React framework to rapidly build an internet-scale chat app.

Ably sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Making A PWA Out of The 1996 Space Jam Web Site — A fun recreation of the seemingly everlasting Space Jam website. You can see the end result here.

Zach Leatherman

Chris Brandrick recommends

An Interview with Svelte Native Creator David Pershouse — Svelte Native is a new way to create native apps using the Svelte framework along with NativeScript: Its creator talks about the inspiration behind it and future plans.

Rob Lauer

Peter Cooper recommends

Swiper: A Modern Mobile Touch Slider — Complete with hardware accelerated transitions and native-like behavior. Someone’s also made Tiny Swiper, a 2KB (gzipped) compatible clone, if you want something more lightweight.

Vladimir Kharlampidi

Chris Brandrick recommends

PyTorch Mobile: Exploring Facebook’s New Mobile Machine Learning Solution

Austin Kodra

Holly Schinsky recommends

Clean Up Dart & Flutter Projects with This IntelliJ Feature

Modestas Valauskas

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Building an Ionic Multi App Project with Shared Angular Library

Simon Grimm

🗓 Upcoming Events

Mobile Era, November 7-8 — Oslo, Norway — A multi-track conference covering iOS, Android, the mobile web, PWAs, accessibility and more.

Swift Alps, November 28-29 — Crans-Montana, Switzerland — An experimental Swift 'mountain get-away' with on-site mentors and plenty of workshops.

Mobius, December 7-8 — Moscow, Russia — A conference for mobile app devs with a program of engineering talks covering a wide-range of Android and iOS topics.