#274 — September 20, 2019

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Za'e Johnson recommends

iOS and iPadOS 13: The MacStories Review — A rather epic and incredibly indepth and screenshot heavy 29 page review of the latest iOS release that came out this week. Even if you’re not running it yourself, this review places you right in the middle of the action.

Federico Viticci

Holly Schinsky recommends

How To Prepare Your App For iOS 13 — Apple’s iOS 13 release date was September 19th (yesterday!) and this article details some things developers should know to ensure they are prepared.

Attia Mo

Save 40% on Your Order at Manning.com — Take the time to learn something new. Manning Publications are offering 40% off everything at manning.com, including their range of mobile titles. Just enter the code mdev40 at the cart before you checkout to save.

Manning Publications sponsor

Peter Cooper recommends

Comparing Android UI Testing Frameworks — Analysis of a few solutions for UI testing Android apps.

Alex Zhukovich

Chris Brandrick recommends

Reducers in Swift — Looks at the different ways in which reducers can be used in Swift.

John Sundell

Peter Cooper recommends

▶  Flutter vs React Native: Will Flutter Kill React Native? — Explores the benefits that Flutter provides over other popular frameworks, including React Native.


Brian Rinaldi recommends

State Management in React Native — What state actually is, the setState() method, the Context API and React Hooks.

Akshay Kadam

Brian Rinaldi recommends

What I Learned Developing Games from Scratch on Flutter — Some advice for those considering building mobile games using Flutter.

Ivan Cherepanov

Want a Better Way to Store and Serve Images and Videos? — Join a community of over 400K web and mobile developers dynamically managing rich media with Cloudinary. Try it free.

Cloudinary sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Dark Mode: Working with Color Systems — Things to consider when designing a dark mode theme.

Søren Clausen

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Make a Word Game with Angular and Ionic

John Au-Yeung

Chris Brandrick recommends

Advanced Memory Management in Swift

Navdeep Singh

🗓 Upcoming Events

Mobiconf, October 3-4 — Krakow, Poland — Connects mobile designers and developers.

Kotlin Everywhere, October 19 — Paris, France — A conference dedicated to all uses of Kotlin.

Android Dev Summit, October 23-24 — California, USA — Plenty of sessions, hands-on experiences with product demos, and opportunities to chat with the Android Dev team and community.

Mobile Era, November 7-8 — Oslo, Norway — A multi-track conference covering iOS, Android, the mobile web, PWAs, accessibility and more.