#265 — July 19, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Hermes: A New Open Source JavaScript Engine Optimized for Mobile Apps — Hermes is a new engine released by Facebook that aims to dramatically speed up React Native apps on Android by introducing optimized build-time bytecode generation.

Facebook Code

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Announcing NativeScript 6.0 — A huge milestone for the popular framework that lets you build native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript. Productivity-oriented improvements are the order of the day, including using Webpack with Hot Module Replacement, faster delivery of patches with NativeScript AppSync, a new Core Theme, and more.

Emil Tabakov

Save 40% on Your Order at Manning.com — Take the time to learn something new. Manning Publications are offering 40% off everything at manning.com, including their range of mobile titles. Just enter the code mdev40 at the cart before you checkout to save.

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Peter Cooper recommends

An 'Ask Us Anything' with the Team Working on Reddit's Android App — The questions and answers run a whole range of topics from Reddit related stuff to how to learn Android development, how to design mobile apps for large numbers of users, and what tools they use (such as Crashlytics for crash reporting).


Brian Rinaldi recommends

US Mobile Speeds Are 'Super Slow' and Here’s What Can Be Done About It“Currently, the US ranks 40th in the world for mean mobile download speeds.” Sure, but putting it into perspective, mobile speeds worldwide seem quite high and even the US’s 34Mbps is not ‘super slow’. The bigger problem is the data caps..

Rani Molla

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Use Flutter for Hybrid Development: Alibaba’s Open Source Code Instance — How Alibaba’s Xianyu enables hybrid integration of Flutter to existing Native apps through incremental migration with Flutter Boost

Alibaba Tech

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Why Progressive Web Apps on iOS Make Sense — A look at the improving situation of PWA support on iOS.

Chris Love

Holly Schinsky recommends

TWA (Trusted Web Activities) at QuintoAndar — The experience QuintoAndar had when replacing their native application with a TWA on the Play Store.

Kleverson Nascimento Pinto

Peter Cooper recommends

Managing Background Tasks with New Task Scheduler in iOS 13 — A look at the BackgroundTasks framework, introduced at WWDC this year.

Majid Jabrayilov

Holly Schinsky recommends

Using your StencilJS Design System in Framer X — How to integrate StencilJS (Ionic’s toolchain for building Web Components) with Framer X (a React-based tool for prototyping/design).

Addison Schultz

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Improved UX for Ionic apps with Skeleton Loading Screens — Learn the importance of adopting the App Shell pattern in Ionic apps and how to implement it using Ionic 4 + Angular 7.

Agustin Haller

Holly Schinsky recommends

Flutter: Implementing Google Sign In — How to set up and implement Google Sign In using Firebase Authentication in your Flutter apps.

Souvik Biswas

Want a Better Way to Store and Serve Images and Videos — Join a community of over 450K web and mobile developers dynamically managing rich media with Cloudinary. Try it free.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

Material Range Slider in Flutter — How to use and customize the new range slider released in Flutter 1.7.

Anthony Robledo

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Make a CSS Grid Responsive in a Single Line of CSS

Per Harald Borgen

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Migrating to NativeScript 6.0 — How to migrate your code to the bundle workflow, AndroidX, and the new hooks API.

Stanimira Vlaeva

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Getting Started with React Native in 2019: Build Your First App — A guide for React Native beginners.

Aman Mittal

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Introducing Conference App in a Box — A template for a conference app built with React Native and GraphQL.

Nader Dabit

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SwiftFest, July 29-30 — Boston, US — Brings together engineers, architects, coders, students, etc. in a social and vibrant environment entirely focused on Swift.

iOSDevCampDC, August 9 — McLean, VA — One-day, one-track conference focused on iPhone and iPad development.

Droidcon New York, August 26-27 — New York City, US — Learn from the top thought leaders in Android.

/dev/world 2019, September 2-4 — Melbourne, Australia — Australia's longest running conference for Swift, macOS and iOS developers and designers.

iOSDevUK, September 2-5 — Aberystwyth, UK — The UK's best iOS development conference.