#264 — July 12, 2019

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Holly Schinsky recommends

Announcing Flutter 1.7 — Flutter announces release 1.7 with support for AndroidX, updated Play Store requirements and a number of new and enhanced components.

Tim Sneath

Peter Cooper recommends

A Plan to Bring Java to iOS? — OpenJDK Mobile would use ahead-of-time compilation to create JVM-free executables that should adhere to Apple’s policies.

Paul Krill

Image & Video Management Made for Mobile Developers — Simplify and automate the process of uploading, manipulating, optimizing, and delivering images and videos across every device at any bandwidth. Try Cloudinary. See how easy media management can be. Get your own free account today.

Cloudinary sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

WebDriver is Coming to Safari in iOS 13 — Starting in iOS 13, Safari will include native support for the W3C WebDriver standard (a remote interface that enables control of user agents). This post explains how to get started with WebDriver for iOS, how to port existing desktop-oriented tests, and a few details regarding safeguards and behavior changes.

Brian Burg (WebKit)

Brian Rinaldi recommends

▶  An Analysis of The NativeScript Mobile Platform — A podcast episode that explores NativeScript and how to evaluate new technologies and frameworks.

The Frontside Podcast podcast

Peter Cooper recommends

Tales from the Spam Filter of an Android App Developer“Publishing on Google Play requires you to publish a contact email address as well. Publishing a contact address means you get spam mail. The spam mail you get from the Play contact address is scary.”


Peter Cooper recommends

Announcing Envoy Mobile - Initial OSS Preview — An iOS and Android client network library that brings the power of Envoy Proxy to mobile.

Matt Klein

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Android Q Gestures Are Still in Flux, Even in The Latest Beta Release — How will the updated back gesture work in Android Q? It’s a bit complicated.

Dieter Bohn

Holly Schinsky recommends

Why We Use Web Components — Why Ionic chooses to use Web Components as the basis of their Stencil offering.

Max Lynch

Chris Brandrick recommends

7-Eleven Japanese Customers Lose $500,000 Due to Mobile App Flaw — A cautionary tale — hackers exploit a poorly designed password reset function to make unwanted charges on 900 customers’ accounts.

Catalin Cimpanu

Peter Cooper recommends

More Than 1,000 Android Apps Harvest Data Even After You Deny Permissions — The apps gather information such as location, even after owners explicitly say no. A fix won’t come until Android Q.

Alfred Ng

Tutorial: How to Build a Live Streaming App — Use Mux's simple, but powerful, video APIs to build live streaming into your application.

Mux sponsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

Create & Manage Quick Actions in Flutter — How to use the ‘quick_actions’ package to create a widget that you can wrap around your material app to handle your quick actions.

Dane Mackier

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Advanced Unit and Snapshot Testing with React Native — Using Jest with Enzyme to achieve 100% code coverage.

Chad Nehemiah

Chris Brandrick recommends

It’s Time to Kill The Infinite Scroll — “endless scroll encourages bad content and bad business models. Let’s change that.”

Kate Lucey

Holly Schinsky recommends

How To Integrate Social Media Into Mobile Web Design

Suzanne Scacca

Chris Brandrick recommends

The Optimal Placement for Mobile Call to Action Buttons

UX Movement

Holly Schinsky recommends

5 Reasons to A/B Test Your App Store Product Page

Lina Danilchik

Za'e Johnson recommends

How to Integrate The New ‘Sign in with Apple’ Button in Your iOS App

Space-O Technologies

Holly Schinsky recommends

What’s New in flutter_bloc 0.19.0

Felix Angelov

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