#251 — April 12, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Building Responsive Apps with NativeScript — Learn three techniques you can use to create “Responsive Layouts” that look great on any device with NativeScript.

Tiago Alves (NativeScript)

Chris Brandrick recommends

Pacing Ourselves in the Marzipan Marathon — Speculation on Apple’s long term Marzipan strategy.

Curtis Herbert

Tutorial: How to Build a Live Streaming App — Use Mux's simple, but powerful, video APIs to build live streaming into your application.

Mux sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Mobile Biometric Authentication for Enterprise Apps — How to reuse your existing enterprise authentication and integrate mobile biometric authentication in your apps using NativeScript and Kinvey.

TJ VanToll

Holly Schinsky recommends

What I’ve Learned Building 4 React Native Apps Over 3 Years — In this post Kyle shares his experience and tips from using React Native for building mobile apps.

Kyle Erickson

Chris Brandrick recommends

Android Q Beta 2 Update — The second Android Q Beta 2 and an updated SDK for developers is now available.

Dave Burke (Google)

Peter Cooper recommends

Building Faster SQLite Inserts for an Android App — Yello’s Android team improved SQLite insertion times for data sets greater than 10,000 rows more than 50% by batching inserts.

Ryan Casler

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Google AMP Lowered Our Page Speed, and There's No Choice But to Use It — A blistering critique of AMP based both upon Google’s management of it as well as its ability to actually achieve it’s goal of improving performance.

Walid Halabi

Chris Brandrick recommends

Structuring Your iOS App for Split Testing — Provides a simple way of structuring and organizing your app in order to achieve clean/scalable iOS code when using split testing.

Arlind Aliu

Get the Fastest App Deployments. Ever. — Learn the most effective way to build better apps faster.

Buddy sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Turning Off JavaScript: Too Much Trouble, If You Ask Me — A look at what it really means today to disable JavaScript on web and mobile sites.

Mike Eichler

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Push Notification Engagement Naturally Degrades Over Time — An interesting look at how engagement with push notifications consistently falls regardless of the content.

Jon Fletcher

Holly Schinsky recommends

Basic Navigation in Flutter —  Cheatsheet — The answers to re-occurring questions about navigation logic in Flutter.

Dane Mackier

Chris Brandrick recommends

How to Debug Web Pages On The Nokia 8110 with KaiOS

Paul Kinlan

Chris Brandrick recommends

Safely Supporting New Versions of Swift

Alan Z