#250 — April 5, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Finally, A CSS Only Solution To :hover on Touchscreens — This issue may finally be solved by the new Level 4 Media Queries.

Mezo Istvan

Chris Brandrick recommends

Debugging Websites in Chrome for iOS — Chrome for iOS now has an in-app JavaScript console which can be left open to collect logs from all other tabs.


Build, Test & Deploy Better Android Apps Faster with Automation — Preparing builds, signing the release, messing with Google Play store – all this stuff requires extra effort that could well be invested into actual coding. Get started with Buddy for free and build better mobile apps faster.

Buddy sponsor

Peter Cooper recommends

Building a Real-Time Earnings Tracker into Uber’s New Driver App — How Uber’s mobile engineering team developed a real-time component in the newest version of its driver app.

Zebing Zong

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Cloudflare Introduces Warp: A New VPN for Mobile — Warp is a VPN but aimed at users who don’t know or care what a VPN is. It uses Cloudflare’s vast global array of data centers to speed up and make mobile connections more secure.

Matthew Prince (Cloudflare)

Holly Schinsky recommends

Machine Learning in Flutter — A step-by-step tutorial to help you build Flutter apps leveraging Machine Learning.

Aditya Syal

Chris Brandrick recommends

Websites That Keep Loading, and Loading, and Loading… — A look at what happens when a user minimizes the browser on their phone.

Doug Sillars

Brian Rinaldi recommends

In Search of The Miui Browser — The Miui Browser is one of the few surviving non-Google Chromium browsers on Android outside of Samsung Internet.


Brian Rinaldi recommends

Support for AndroidX in NativeScript — A look at the impact of the change from the Android Support Library to AndroidX and how to begin planning for the migration in a NativeScript app.

Alexander Djenkov

Peter Cooper recommends

React Native Deep Linking for iOS and Android — “Deep linking” is the idea of having special URLs that link directly into your app rather than to another Web page, say.

Abhishek Nalwaya native

Holly Schinsky recommends

Create an Ionic 4 PWA with Capacitor — Learn how to build a Progressive Web App with Ionic 4 and Capacitor, taking advantage of the many benefits of PWAs.

Ahmed Bouchefra

Chris Brandrick recommends

Best Practices for Responsive, Multi-Screen Designs — UXers from Adobe, SunTrust and Microsoft offer up their best tips for responsive design and share best-practices for multi-screen design.


Learn to Build Decentralized Blockchain Apps in 60 Minutes — Blockstack makes it easy to build applications that protect your users digital rights and enables exciting new ways to monetize.

Blockstack sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Why Xamarin for Mobile Development — An overview of the Xamarin technology stack for mobile development.

Sam Basu

Brian Rinaldi recommends

21 Useful Open Source Packages for React Native — A worthwhile list for React Native devs with descriptions and simple examples.

Aman Mittal

Chris Brandrick recommends

Hawkeye: Conduct Eye Tracking Tests with Your iPhone — This iOS eye-tracking tool is intended for use in a lab setting with knowing participants.

Hawkeye Labs

Za'e Johnson recommends

Automated UI Testing in Swift & iOS

Joe Williams

Chris Brandrick recommends

What’s New in Swift 5.1

Paul Hudson