#​378 — November 5, 2021

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Announcing Stencil v2.10 — This new version of Ionic’s design system toolchain features greater control over the shadow DOM, a fix for fewer render cycles, TypeScript 4.3 support, and more.

Anthony Giuliano (Ionic)

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Goodbye Android Emulators, the Windows Subsystem for Android is Here — Get out of here Android emulators! You can now use Windows 11 and the new Subsystem for Android to develop on Intel or AMD machines.

James Montemagno

How to Diagnose and Fix Errors Caused by Memory Pressure — Understanding the memory pressure leading up to a crash and the device’s overall memory health is critical for debugging with speed and precision. Read our blog to learn how to prioritize and fix errors caused by memory pressure in Android apps.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Avoid Notches with Safe Area Context in React Native AppsNotches in mobile device displays may well disappear as fast as they arrived, but they’re still going to be around for a while. Here’s how to deal with them while they are.

Aman Mittal

Peter Cooper recommends

Anouncing the Native vs React Native App Development Live Panel — A free question and answer session taking place later this month covering “hard truths, cold facts, and brutal opinions” about building mobile apps.

Mike Burns (Thoughtbot)

Chris Brandrick recommends

Advanced Static Vs Dynamic Libraries and Frameworks On iOS — This developer shares their knowledge of working with static / dynamic frameworks and libraries, showing how to get the best out of them.

Bogdan Poplauschi

Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Integrate Firebase with Flutter — A simplified guide to integrating Firebase with your Flutter apps.

Arohi Adhyaru

Brian Rinaldi recommends

An Introduction To Quasar Framework: Building Cross-Platform Applications — Quasar is an open-source Vue.js-based cross-platform framework for building apps on both desktop and mobile using Cordova and Electron.

Joel Olawanle

Peter Cooper recommends

How to Build an iOS Video Chat App with Screen Sharing via Sendbird — Sendbird is a commercial service for adding voice/chat and similar social aspects to mobile apps.

Janna McLaughlin

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Eye-Tracking In Mobile UX Research — Explores the latest trends in eye-tracking and how the methodology can be included in the UX researcher’s toolbox.

Mariana Macedo

Peter Cooper recommends

Detox: 'Gray Box' End-to-End Testing and Automation Framework for Mobile Apps — Tests your mobile app while it’s running in a real device/simulator, interacting with it just like a real user – you write the scripts in JavaScript.


Chris Brandrick recommends

Announcing Kotlin Support for Protocol Buffers


Holly Schinsky recommends

Eight React Native Libraries You Absolutely Need to Know About

Aziz Booker

Chris Brandrick recommends

Deploy An Ionic React and Realm App to Native Mobile

Mike Hartington