#​357 — May 28, 2021

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📱 Mobile Dev Weekly

Brian Rinaldi recommends

CSS Container Queries: Use-Cases And Migration Strategies — CSS Container queries bring media queries closer to the target elements themselves and they are now available in Chrome Canary.

Adrian Bece

Chris Brandrick recommends

Android 12 Will Let Alternative App Stores Update Apps On Their Own — Google made good on its promise to improve third-party apps stores on Android by letting them install apps in the background on Android 12.

Mishaal Rahman

Peter Cooper recommends

Announcing Coinbase’s Successful Transition to React Native — Facing shortages of mobile app engineers, an ever-expanding code base and the need to scale up to better serve its 56 million users, cryptocurrency platform Coinbase recently completed its wholesale transition to React Native. Here’s their story.


Chris Brandrick recommends

Uber's Crazy YOLO App Rewrite, From the Front Seat — An insiders view on the bumpy ride of the ride-sharing app’s 2016 rewrite.

Gergely Orosz

Holly Schinsky recommends

Explore Immutable Data Structures In Dart & Flutter — A thorough deep dive into how immutable data structures will work with both Dart and Flutter in your Flutter apps.

Shaiq khan

⚡️ Quick Bits

Arm Announces Mobile Armv9 CPU Microarchitectures
Andrei Frumusanu

Google Is Releasing Fuchsia OS, Starting With 1st-Gen Nest Hub
Kyle Bradshaw

Instagram Lets Users Hide Likes to Reduce Social Media Pressure
Cristina Criddle

Extracting Data from an Old iOS App Broken by iOS 14.5
Adam Engst

How to Use Deep Linking in React Native
Syed Amir Ali

Chris Brandrick recommends

Sharing Learnings About Our Image Cropping Algorithm — Anyone who uses Twitter will have seen how the service crops certain images. This post explains a bit as to how that process works.

Rumman Chowdhury

Brian Rinaldi recommends

▶  How to Use CSS Media Queries to Create Responsive Websites — A video course that will teach you the basics, plus how to use media queries to create three practical projects.

Joy Shaheb beginner

Brian Rinaldi recommends

React Native Library for Stripe — The official Stripe React Native SDK is now in public beta.


Chris Brandrick recommends

vConsole: A Lightweight, Extendable Front-end Developer Tool for Mobile Web Page — Not new, but popular and in active development, hitting version 3.7.0 yesterday.