#340 — January 29, 2021

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Unpacking Apple's Latest iOS 14 Privacy Policy Guidance — Apple recently released some consumer-facing guidance around upcoming privacy changes (App Tracking Transparency), highlighting how interactions with apps, websites, and other third parties will change.

Eric Seufert

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Join Us for #30DaysOfFlutter — A series of codelabs, AMA sessions, content, and community discussion taking place over the next month, ahead of a big Flutter event in March. If you’re looking to learn more about Flutter this may be a good way to get started.

Nikita Gandhi, Nilay Yener (Google)

Holly Schinsky recommends

MASVS & MSTG: A Quick Guide To Mobile App Security — Exploring the OWASP docs — which provide guidance on protecting mobile apps against attacks with a practical approach.

Karan Gandhi

Peter Cooper recommends

(Re)Building the Twitter UI with Ionic Components — What if you could build any popular UI with Ionic components? This tutorial on building a Twitter UI with Ionic is the start to a new series of tutorials on doing just that.

Simon Grimm

Holly Schinsky recommends

You Are Using Emojis The Wrong Way — How to ensure the emojis used in your mobile apps are interpreted properly across devices.

Ludovic Chombeau

Peter Cooper recommends

App Suspended from Google Play for Rude Sounding File Format Extension — A movie player supports subtitle files in various formats such as SRT, SSA and.. ASS. Google didn’t like this but did, to their credit, reinstate it several hours later after an appeal. Take care with your own release notes to avoid issues like this.

Marcel Dopita

Holly Schinsky recommends

17 JavaScript Optimization Tips to Know in 2021 — A set of useful JavaScript optimization tips for your mobile app development.

Blessing Hirwa

Peter Cooper recommends

Twitter Releases a Full-Teatured Rich Text Editor for iOS Apps — Twitter Text Editor is an Apache 2.0 licensed text editor control for use in iOS apps. GitHub repo.


Chris Brandrick recommends

Advice for Following New 'Background Location' Guidelines in Android

Adrian Kajda

Peter Cooper recommends

Easy Pagination with Android Paging Library

Nayan Dhabarde

Chris Brandrick recommends

YouTube Now Available to Install As Progressive Web App

Abner Li