#334 — December 4, 2020

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Chris Brandrick recommends

AWS Unveils Mac-Powered EC2 Instances for CI/CD Purposes — These are ultimately very expensive ($1.21/hr on demand) and restricted (the minimum time you can use one is 24 hours – more on why here). If you’re into AWS, though, and want to wrap macOS-based CI/CD into your monthly bill, now there’s a new way to test those iOS, iPadOS, and macOS apps in the cloud.

Jeff Barr (AWS)

Peter Cooper recommends

PWAdvent: A Browser Feature Advent Calendar — In the mood for an advent calendar? Sad that 24ways is taking a break this year? Try this. If you're starting at the beginning, day one covers how a Web app manifest can bring a ‘add to home screen’ feature to your site.

Nico Martin

Ship Your Updates 2x Faster — Get build times under 10 minutes, deploy more often, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Announcing Android Studio Arctic Fox & Android Gradle Plugin 7.0 — Available on the Canary channel, this release includes new features to Jetpack Compose, a new Layout Validation Tool integration for wireless SDB on MacOS.


Holly Schinsky recommends

Flutter State Management in 2021: When to Use What? — An updated list of where each solution shines, so you can be confident you picked the best state management solutions for your needs.

Anthony Oleinik

Peter Cooper recommends

Shipping Progressive Web Apps Everywhere — How the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) have shifted from building a proprietary, native, app wrapping framework to embracing Progressive Web Apps for a sizeable number of games and education experiences.

Jacob Clark

Brian Rinaldi recommends

A Facebook Engineer Shares How to Build and Publish An Android App — A free four-hour video course that covers using Kotlin to build and publish a customizable memory game that can save content to Firebase cloud storage.

Rahul Pandey

Chris Brandrick recommends

Google Maps Now Lets You Create Street View Photos with Just A Phone — This update allows any Android user (with an ARCore compatible device) to create their own Street View photos.

Tom Warren

Video Streaming API That's Made for Mobile — Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy to build beautiful video that streams on any device.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Under-Engineered Responsive Tables — The bare minimum you need to make a WCAG-compliant responsive HTML table.

Adrian Roselli

Brian Rinaldi recommends

React Native Animation Guide — A step-by-step guide to getting started adding animations into your React Native app.

Akash Mittal

Peter Cooper recommends

TinyCheck: Easily Capture Network Communications From A Smartphone — This can be used to check if any suspect or malicious communication is outgoing from a smartphone.

Kaspersky Lab

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Ten Tips for Structuring a React Native Project

Kadi Kraman

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Answering The Most Common Questions About Swift

Hacker Noon