#326 — October 9, 2020

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Peter Cooper recommends

Apple’s Use of Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 14 — Swift is, unsurprisingly, important to Apple, but iOS was largely built before it even existed. So how has Apple begun to use Swift more heavily in recent releases and for its own apps?

Alexandre Colucci

Holly Schinsky recommends

Announcing Flutter 1.22 — Flutter 1.22 was announced with support for iOS 14 and Android 11, new i18n and l10n support, Google Maps, WebView plugins, a new App Size tool and more.

Chris Sells

How New Relic Uses Synthetics To Build Reliable Mobile Apps — Developers often depend on APIs that belong to other teams, where even the smallest changes can cause significant pain for your users. New Relic Synthetics prepares you for the unexpected, so you can keep shipping and your users can keep tapping.

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Peter Cooper recommends

Busting Android Performance Myths — Find out how a handful of Android performance myths stand up to testing, such as Kotlin apps allegedly being bigger than Java apps..?

Calin Juravle

Holly Schinsky recommends

▶  Relaunching the React Native Radio Podcast — The React Native Radio podcast has been acquired and relaunched by Infinite Red.

Jamon Holmgren podcast

Peter Cooper recommends

A Complete Guide to CSS Media Queries — We’ve all used them – if you want certain CSS rules to apply when certain conditions about the client’s environment are met, you turn to media queries. This is one of those useful roundups you’d turn to when you forget the syntax yet again (or, at least, I do!)

Andres Galante

Peter Cooper recommends

Microsoft Says App Stores Should Be More Competitive — “The company added a powerful voice to a raging debate, much of it focused on Apple, about how tech companies should manage their app stores.”

The New York Times

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Build a Responsive Media Browser with CSS — Creating a flexible media browser and video player layout that maintains its aspect ratio at all viewports.

Andy Bell

Holly Schinsky recommends

Responsive Flutter Layout With FittedBox Widget — How to use the FittedBox layout widget to make responsive layouts for your Flutter apps.

Shaiq khan

Building Shopify Apps: App Developers Share Their Experiences — We round up some of the many blog posts (and one podcast) by developers describing their experiences.

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Peter Cooper recommends

Using Sanctum to Authenticate a Mobile App — Sanctum is Laravel’s lightweight API authentication package and this demonstrates using it from a Flutter-based app.

Alex Pestell

Holly Schinsky recommends

DataTable In Flutter — Learn how to use the DataTable widget in your Flutter apps to automatically size columns based on what’s actually in the cells.

Mohit Joshi

Peter Cooper recommends

Anbox: Run Android Applications On Any Linux System — Dubbed as “Android in a Box”, Anbox puts Android into a container, abstracts hardware access, and lets you run Android apps in a native fashion on Linux.


Peter Cooper recommends

Swift Algorithms: Sequence and Collection Algorithms for Swift — Swift Algorithms is an open source package of sequence and collection algorithms, along with their related types.

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