#324 — September 25, 2020

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Pursuit of Appiness — What makes something an app? Does the app store concept still solve the problems of today?

Alex Russell

Holly Schinsky recommends

Announcing Flutter Windows Alpha — Flutter announces support for Windows, including native app compilation, some early plugins, and a desktop-ready Flutter Gallery app.

Chris Sells

Try the Fastest, Most Secure Way to Test and Build Software Today 🚀 — Buildkite is as fast and enjoyable to use at 500 developers as it is at 10. Self-hosted agents work with all languages.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

How to Create Onboarding Screens with React Native ViewPager — A look at one of the ways to create onboarding screens in a React Native app, by using react-native-viewpager.

Aman Mittal

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Real Size of Android Objects — Accurately determining the heap size of objects in Android.

Pierre-Yves Ricau

⚡️ Quick Links

Holly Schinsky recommends

React Native vs. Flutter vs. Ionic — A comparison between React Native, Flutter and Ionic to help you choose which to use for building your next mobile app.

Sophia Martin

Peter Cooper recommends

How Are App Clips Going to Save My Day? — Looks at how this new iOS 14 feature will prove itself useful.

Michal Wierzbinski

How to Market an App: 11 Expert Tips — We’ve asked a range of designers, developers, and app marketing experts for their views on how to market an app.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Getting Device Display Information Xamarin Essentials — How to use DeviceInfo and DeviceDisplay in Xamarin.Essentials to get device information and device display information.

Leomaris Reyes

Holly Schinsky recommends

Handling Web Gestures in Flutter — How to support keyboard input, focus input, hover input, and custom mouse cursors in your Flutter apps.

Jose Alba

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Understanding React Native Architecture — A look at the React Native architecture and the ecosystem from the web developer point of view.

Jun Kaneco

Chris Brandrick recommends

5 Reasons to Choose A PWA for Your Web & Mobile Apps

Chameera Dulanga