#312 — July 3, 2020

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Mobile Developer Weekly

Chris Brandrick recommends

Progressively Enhance Your Progressive Web App — How to enhance your PWA so that it remains useful on all modern browsers, but delivers an advanced experience on browsers that support new capabilities like native file system access, system clipboard access, periodic background sync, web sharing features, and more.

Thomas Steiner

Peter Cooper recommends

30% Didn’t Kill The App Store Model. SaaS Did — Following the recent launch of Hey and the conversation that sprung up around it, here’s a considered overview of e-commerce and app-store fees.

Matthew Guay

Brian Rinaldi recommends

The Modern Hybrid App Developer — A look at some of the tools and technologies that help changed the face of hybrid mobile app development today.

Max Lynch

Continuous Integration for Progressive Web Apps — Learn how to automate testing for PWAs with a CI pipeline.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

GitHub for Mobile 1.2 Is Now Available — Version 1.2 adds more details to diffs, renders markdown files, and lets you mark files as viewed as you’re reviewing them.


Chris Brandrick recommends

▶  Make Your App Visually Accessible — In this 15-minute talk Drew Haas shows how to build more accessible iOS (and macOS) apps, complete with snippets and examples.

Apple Developer

Brian Rinaldi recommends

SwiftUI 2: An Overview — A quick look at the changes announced at WWDC 2020.

Nicolas Savoini

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Flutter vs React Native - Choosing Your Approach — A brief look at the history of cross-platform mobile development and the differing approaches taken by React Native and Flutter.

Deven Joshi

Chris Brandrick recommends

Web Stories for WordPress Now in Beta — A mobile-friendly story telling format from Google, complete with a WYSIWYG editor. Think Instagram stories, but for Wordpress. The first public beta landed earlier this week.


Chris Brandrick recommends

▶  Shipping A PWA As An Android App — André Bandarra runs through using Bubblewrap, a new tool that devs can use to transform their PWAs into an Android app, without having to write native code or learn native tooling.

Google Chrome Developers

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Progressive Web Apps: Practical Usage Guide — Another intro to PWA article, but this one covers things like the manifest.json and cache a little more in depth than the usual.

Mad Devs

Peter Cooper recommends

Why AnyList Won’t Be Supporting 'Sign In with Apple' — Privacy is good, but Apple’s ‘sign in’ platform can cause a lot of confusion with end users.

Jeff Hunter

Chris Brandrick recommends

When Will The Web Replace Native Mobile Apps?

Sam Dods

CI/CD with Docker and Kubernetes eBook by Semaphore — Download the free eBook and learn how to deliver cloud-native applications at high velocity.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

An Introduction to CSS Grid Layout (with Examples) — A CSS Grid guide focused on providing examples and code.

Zafar Saleem

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Rethinking Responsive Web Design — A look at how we do it nowadays, why it is potentially problematic, and how we might take a different approach.

Tomas Rezac

Peter Cooper recommends

PHONK: A Creative Scripting Toolbox for Android Devices — If you’ve got any old Android devices sat around, this could be a way to have some fun with them. It’s based around JavaScript.

Victor Diaz

Holly Schinsky recommends

Flutter Installer: An Installation Toolkit for Flutter SDK On Windows

Sai Sampath Kumar