#309 — June 12, 2020

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Mobile Developer Weekly

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Unwrapping The Android 11 Beta, Plus More Developer Updates — The Android 11 beta is now available, and here’s a look at what that means for developers.


Chris Brandrick recommends

▶  Android 11: Conversations, Bubbles, and Making Sense of Complexity — …and here’s Dieter Bohn with a look at the front-facing changes.

The Verge

Get Best In Class Crash Reporting For Your Mobile Apps — Resolve mobile app crashes with precision. Quickly search, segment, and prioritize the errors that affect your users. Bugsnag provides best in class support for all mobile platforms: Android, iOS, React Native, and Unity. Try it free.

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Peter Cooper recommends

React Native's Re-Architecture in 2020 — The React Native platform was originally introduced in 2015 with the always ambitious goal of enabling developers to have one code base running across multiple hardware platforms. Mission accomplished, mostly. However, React Native’s new architecture promises to deliver much improved and always needed performance.

Rémi Gallego

Peter Cooper recommends

The Guardian’s Experience Implementing 'Sign in with Apple' on Android — An outline of the technical details of how to implement Apple’s new feature, for Android developers.

Jordan Terry (The Guardian)

Holly Schinsky recommends

Automating Flutter Publishing with GitHub Actions & Firebase App Distribution — How to automatically send new versions of your Flutter app to your client with Firebase App Distribution and GitHub Actions.

Zvi Karp

Chris Brandrick recommends

Design and Anatomy of a Push Notification — Insights to help navigate the design of a notification by dissecting their anatomy.

Lee Munroe

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Chrome OS Is Adding “Launch On Startup” for Progressive Web Apps

Gabriel Brangers

Scale Your Software Projects Without Losing Speed — See how Shopify used Buildkite CI/CD to scale from 300 to 1800 engineers while keeping build times under 5 minutes.

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Holly Schinsky recommends

Error Handling in my Flutter App — Part of a ‘Work in Progress’ series covering the process to building an app in Flutter, this part focused on error handling.

Greg Perry

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Swift vs Kotlin — Which Is Better? — An experienced Swift developer compares his experiences using Kotlin in various categories.

Will Swan

Brian Rinaldi recommends

CSS Viewport Units: A Quick Start — Covers vh, vw, vmin and vmax.

Asha Laxmi and Maria Antonietta Perna

Holly Schinsky recommends

Things to Consider When Building An App To Work Offline

Dhanya Ramaswamy