#296 — March 6, 2020

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Mobile Developer Weekly

Chris Brandrick recommends

Project LightSpeed: Rewriting Messenger to Be Faster, Smaller, and Simpler — The new version of Facebook’s popular Messenger app has a completely new codebase, resulting in the app now being a 30MB download versus its previous 130MB weight. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the process that went into the updated app.

Facebook Engineering

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Build NativeScript Apps Remotely from Windows or Linux — An introduction to the NativeScript Remote Builds plugin.

Dimitar Tachev

Faster CI/CD for All Your Software Projects Using Buildkite — See how Shopify scaled from 300 to 1500 engineers while keeping their build times under 5 minutes.

Buildkite sponsor

Peter Cooper recommends

Why The GOV.UK Design System Team Changed The Input Type for Numbers — Highlights how the <input type="number"> element can be somewhat problematic, and offers up a solution.

Hanna Laakso

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Google Bans Hundreds of Android Apps From The Play Store for Obnoxious Ads — Some 600 Android apps have been removed due to interfering with the user experience (and in some cases tricking users to tap accidentally).

Kim Lyons

Chris Brandrick recommends

Apple Now Lets Apps Send Ads in Push Notifications — Ads in your notifications have long been banned on iOS — that’s changing.

Jacob Kastrenakes

Holly Schinsky recommends

React Native Push Notifications: A Guide for Rookies and Techies — A guide on the first assumptions vs the reality of mobile notifications behavior in React Native projects.

Andréas Hanss

Holly Schinsky recommends

Onboarding Thousands of Users with React Native — A retrospective (from Coinbase) for companies that are considering React Native.

Ian Ownbey, Nick Cherry and Jacob Thornton

Check Now to See If Your .TECH Domain Is Available — .TECH is the most definitive domain extension for the tech industry with the likes of Intel, CES and Viacom using it. Secure your online tech namespace before it’s gone.

.TECH domains sponsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development

Sophia Martin

Peter Cooper recommends

Pep: Turn Your Website Into a Fast, Installable PWA Instantly — Ostensibly can be done using a single line of code. Free for sites up to 10k page views per month and there are paid plans after that.


Holly Schinsky recommends

Some Tips for Designing Apps in React Native

Devin Jameson

Chris Brandrick recommends

An Open-Source Tool to Quickly Preview All iOS Keyboards

Filip Němeček

🗓 Upcoming Events

PWAConf, April 19 — London, UK — A new event dedicated to Progressive Web Apps. Expect a full day of technical sessions.

Android Makers, April 20-21 — Paris, France — Join experts for two days of sessions, workshops and showcases

Codemotion, March 27-28 June, 11-12 — Rome, Italy — With speakers from GitHub, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Google, Cloudinary and more. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy this event has been postponed until June.

App Dev Con, March 10-13 September 15-18 — Amsterdam, NL — Four day event with both training and conference. This event has now been postponed until September.