#277 — October 11, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Integrating Apple Pay in Your iOS App — A straightforward step-by-step guide for adding Apple’s popular payment flow to your app.

Max Babych

Peter Cooper recommends

Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future of Mobile Web — A detailed overview of what makes up a PWA, their benefits, and why you should be looking at them. Links out to plenty of handy resources too.

Jason Rzutkiewicz and Jeremy Lockhorn

Looking for an Alternative to Crashlytics? 🙋‍♀️ — Get reliable crash reporting for your mobile apps. Quickly search, segment, and prioritize the errors that affect your users. Bugsnag provides best in class support for all mobile platforms: Android, iOS, React Native, and Unity. Try it free.

Bugsnag sponsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

Getting Beyond "Works Offline" — Breaking down offline capability for modern web apps.

Justin Lorenzon

Peter Cooper recommends

How to Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) with only Vanilla JS — Bring a native-like experience to your webapps with this grab bag of techniques including styling, fonts, Service Workers, and creating a manifest file.

Sayan Mondal

Chris Brandrick recommends

Verify Phone Numbers On The Web with The SMS Receiver API — It’s still early days for this API, but here’s an initial look at how the planned SMS Receiver API will work.

Eiji Kitamura

Peter Cooper recommends

A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Your Xcode Build — Explores all possible ways to reduce Xcode build time.

Saravanan V

Holly Schinsky recommends

The International Flutter Starter Kit — A guide with added advice and resources from Flutter & Dart Google Developers experts.

Nawal Alhamwi

Chris Brandrick recommends

Stop Using Sticky Navigation on Mobile — Argues that ‘sticky’ elements “create poor experiences for your users and take away valuable screen space”.

Bradley Taunt

The Nerds Are Ready to Join Your Team — We build beautiful apps and teach others to do the same.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

The Obvious UI is Often the Best UI“Design clear interactions instead clever ones, and users will follow”.

Susanna Zaraysky (Google Design)

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Zero Hands Up — Apparently it isn’t well known among web developers that all browsers on iOS are required to use WebKit.

Chris Coyier

Peter Cooper recommends

How To Use Breadcrumbs on a Progressive Web App

Suzanne Scacca

Brian Rinaldi recommends

How To Create A QR Code Reader in Swift

Domenico Nicoli

Chris Brandrick recommends

Tips for Updating NativeScript Apps on App Store & Google Play

Rob Lauer

🗓 Upcoming Events

Kotlin Everywhere, October 19 — Paris, France — A conference dedicated to all uses of Kotlin.

Android Dev Summit, October 23-24 — California, USA — Plenty of sessions, hands-on experiences with product demos, and opportunities to chat with the Android Dev team and community.

Mobile Era, November 7-8 — Oslo, Norway — A multi-track conference covering iOS, Android, the mobile web, PWAs, accessibility and more.