#271 — August 30, 2019

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Peter Cooper recommends

How Web Content Can Affect Power Usage — Users spend a large proportion of their online time on mobile devices, or on untethered laptop computers. This post digs into factors that affect battery life, and how to make your pages more power efficient so that users can spend more time engaged with your content.

Benjamin Poulain & Simon Fraser (WebKit)

Chris Brandrick recommends

Bottom Navigation Pattern On Mobile Web Pages: A Better Alternative? — With bigger phones comes the need to adjust how we both build and design mobile sites. This article digs into how to create mobile navigation with lower user interaction costs.

Arthur Leonov

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Should We Still Be Selling Responsive Web Design? — Frontend development has evolved so far past responsive web design that Jay thinks we should ditch the term and talk about intrinsic web design instead.

Jay Freestone

Image & Video Management Made for Mobile Developers — Simplify and automate the process of uploading, manipulating, optimizing, and delivering images and videos across every device at any bandwidth. Try Cloudinary. See how easy media management can be. Get your own free account today.

Cloudinary sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

A Quick Look At WeChat's Mini Programs — An interesting look at the endless amount of ‘mini’ apps available on the WeChat platform (popular in China) and the tech that powers them. Here’s a related article on the platforms dominance.

Thomas Steiner

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Tips for Vue Developers Picking Up NativeScript — Moving from using Vue.js on the web to native iOS and Android is exciting, full of power, but also has its pitfalls. Learn some lessons from Raymond Camden as he describes some tips and tricks he learned on his journey with NativeScript-Vue.

Raymond Camden

Peter Cooper recommends

Gesture Navigation in Android: A Backstory — Android Q is moving over to a new gesture navigation system. Users will be able to navigate back (left/right edge swipe), to the home screen (swipe up from the bottom), and trigger the device assistant (swipe in from the bottom corners) with gestures rather than buttons.

Allen Huang and Rohan Shah (Google)

Holly Schinsky recommends

Three Easy Ways to Debug Network Requests in Flutter — Flutter has no built-in tooling to debug network requests, so here are some options to do just that.

Flutter 360

Brian Rinaldi recommends

React Native Deep Linking Simplified — A deep link is simply an intent filter system that allows the user to access a certain activity in an Android app with a URL.

Shad Mirza

Chris Brandrick recommends

Quire: Building a Sophisticated Mobile App with Google’s Flutter — One developer shares their experience of making an Android app using Flutter, highlighting the good, the bad and the strengths and weaknesses encountered.

Jerry Chen

How to Adopt an Agile Testing Methodology — Get your complete guide to moving from traditional to an agile testing methodology for streamlined software delivery.

Zephyr sponsor

Za'e Johnson recommends

Designing Dark Mode — A look at how the team at Microsoft are crafting dark mode experiences across Outlook and Office 365 mobile apps.

Jon Friedman

Chris Brandrick recommends

Choosing Between React Native and Flutter

Andrei Calazans

Holly Schinsky recommends

Building A Calculator App with Dart and Flutter

Kenneth Reilly

Chris Brandrick recommends

Tracking The Performance of Complex Components in React Native

Miguel Albrecht

Brian Rinaldi recommends

pwa-asset-generator: A PWA Splash Screen and Icon Generator

Önder Ceylan

🗓 Upcoming Events

Droidcon Lisbon, September 9-10 — Lisbon, Portugal — The industry's leading Android experts converge for the very first Droidcon to be held in Lisbon.

Codemotion, September 24-25 — Madrid, Spain — A two-day event open to all languages and technologies.

Mobiconf, October 3-4 — Krakow, Poland — Connects mobile designers and developers.

Kotlin Everywhere, October 19 — Paris, France — A conference dedicated to all uses of Kotlin.

Android Dev Summit, October 23-24 — California, USA — Plenty of sessions, hands-on experiences with product demos, and opportunities to chat with the Android Dev team and community.