#267 — August 2, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Enable Live Updates of Your iOS & Android Apps Using NativeScript AppSync — The recent NativeScript 6.0 release introduced a new beta service called NativeScript AppSync, which allows you to update NativeScript-built iOS and Android apps without using the App Store or Google Play. This article looks at how it all works.

TJ VanToll

Chris Brandrick recommends

Apple Just Bought Intel’s Smartphone Modem Business to Prepare for 5G — Apple now has seized more control over the components used in its devices thanks to this $1 billion deal — although it may take years before it pays dividends.

Napier Lopez

Peter Cooper recommends

Getting Started Optimizing a React Native App — A developer who has spent a serious amount of time optimizing a bank’s mobile app shares several (very) quick tips based on what he learnt along the way.

Thomas Kjær-Rasmussen

Free Trial - Get the #1 Test Case Management Tool for Jira — See why 5M testers use Zephyr for powerful, easy, & fast test management - especially for agile teams. Try our cloud add-on and start planning, building, testing, & tracking within minutes. Start a free trial today.

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

How to Improve The Build Speed of Your Android Projects — How minor changes to a project’s build configuration could massively improve the build speeds.

Prateek Phoenix

Chris Brandrick recommends

Everything You Need to Know About PWAs — A decent primer for getting started.

Indrek Lasn

Za'e Johnson recommends

Running Artificial Neural Networks in Android using OpenCV — A step-by-step guide for building an artificial neural network (ANN) using OpenCV on Android.

Ahmed Gad

Chris Brandrick recommends

Six Assumptions Which Could Break Your Site — Highlights some false assumptions developers often make, particularly around responsive design, which can make websites brittle.

Ada Rose Cannon

Peter Cooper recommends

▶  Let's Build a React Native App: Migrating to React Hooks — Follow along as Harry converts React Components to Function Components and starts using React Hooks.

Harry Wolff

Holly Schinsky recommends

Progressive Web Apps: Caching Strategies — Exploring the caching strategies available for building Progressive Web Apps.

Sholley O

Want a Better Way to Store and Serve Images and Videos — Join a community of over 450K web and mobile developers dynamically managing rich media with Cloudinary. Try it free.

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Chris Brandrick recommends

Swift 5.1 Collection Diffing — A detailed look at the collection diffing feature introduced in Swift 5.1.

Federico Zanetello

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Quick Tip: Responsive Iframes — What you need to do to make an iframe responsive. It’s trickier than it looks and CSS is definitely involved.

Chris Coyier

Chris Brandrick recommends

The Three Laws of Locality — “three ideas that explain where in your UI you should put certain controls”

Erik D. Kennedy

Chris Brandrick recommends

Google BlazeFace Performs Submillisecond Neural Face Detection on Mobile GPUs


Brian Rinaldi recommends

What Are The Benefits of using Firebase for Your App?

Swapnil Chouhan

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