#260 — June 14, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Is the iOS App Store a Monopoly, and Is That a Good Thing? — TJ VanToll, Rob Layer and Brian Rinaldi debate the recent ruling from the Supreme Court and its potential impact on developers.

TJ VanToll

Chris Brandrick recommends

How to Use the Web Share API — This API provides a way to trigger the native share dialog of a device when sharing content, such as a link, directly from a website or web app.

Ayooluwa Isaiah

Relational Communication Skills for Engineers: Live Discussion — Sign up for the 06/15 free webinar.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Brian Rinaldi recommends

iOS 13, Sign in with Apple, iPadOS, and ARKit 3 - All on NativeScript — A look at NativeScript’s plans for supporting all the newly announced APIs and tools from Apple.

Rob Lauer

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Why Tools Like Flutter Need to Succeed — The author argues that tools like Flutter and PWAs eliminate the divide in frontend development between the technology you use and the audience you are able to reach.

Ryan Edge

Chris Brandrick recommends

A Look Back At WWDC 2019 — Now the dust has settled here’s a look back at a the “mind-blowing week for Apple platform developers”, and a look ahead at the future for software development.


Holly Schinsky recommends

Dependency Injection in Flutter using ProxyProvider — Learn how to take advantage of dependency injection in your Flutter apps using ProxyProvider.

Dane Mackier

Holly Schinsky recommends

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App? — Learn why React Native is one of the most cost-effective frameworks present in the market. 

Mrudul Shah

Brian Rinaldi recommends

React Native Performance: Do's and Don't — Tips for better React Native development.

Maxence Dalmais

Dev Tutorial: How to Build APIs Your Users Love — Learn how to build awesome APIs, common pitfalls & explore how we use an OpenAPI driven toolchain to accelerate development.

Mux sponsor

Holly Schinsky recommends

UX Analysis: What Is The Best Navigation for A Mobile Phone? — An analysis of mobile phone navigation patterns between Android and iPhone and what works best.

Ariel Verber

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Why Text Buttons Hurt Mobile Usability — What makes text buttons less usable on mobile, what to use instead and when text buttons may still be appropriate.

UX Movement

Chris Brandrick recommends

▶  Large Content Viewer - Ensuring Readability for Everyone — How to enable Large Content Viewer on custom tab bars (new to iOS 13).

Sommer Panage (Apple Developer)

Chris Brandrick recommends

How to Build a Simple Carousel in NativeScript — A guide to building a complete Carousel UI using NativeScript and Angular.

Phani Sajja

Holly Schinsky recommends

Ionic CLI v5.0.0 Brings Ionic React Beta Support — The latest version of the Ionic CLI has dropped.

Dan Imhoff

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Android vs iOS Global Market Share in 2019

James Kielty

🗓 Upcoming Events

GOTO, June 17-20 — Amsterdam, Netherlands — A software development conference designed for developers, team leads, architects, and project managers.

Droidcon, July 1-3 — Berlin, Germany — Android experts converge to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies.

Swift Island, July 3-4 — Texel, Netherlands — An all-inclusive experimental conference happening a month after Apple's WWDC 2019.

Hacking with Swift, July 8-9 — Bath, England — A new, in-person iOS event covering everything new from WWDC plus a variety of core skills and techniques.