#258 — May 31, 2019

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Brian Rinaldi recommends

Announcing Capacitor 1.0 — Version 1.0 of Ionic’s new Native API Container is now available, it makes it easy to build web apps that run on iOS, Android, Electron, and on the web as PWAs — with full access to native functionality on each platform.

Max Lynch (Ionic)

Peter Cooper recommends

Delisted Overnight: A Cautionary Tale for Indie iOS Developers — A long-time indie iOS developer discovered that the main search terms his app ranked for disappeared overnight causing a 40% drop in downloads. Why? No-one knows for sure but there may be a quirk in the App Store that can be worked around.

Russ Shanahan

Get the Fastest App Deployments. Get Started Free — Unlike most Continuous Integration (CI) solutions, Buddy only re-builds the parts of your application that have changed and deploys your updates in seconds to any app store. Start building better apps faster with Buddy.

Buddy sponsor

Chris Brandrick recommends

Should Chatbots Replace Forms On Mobile? — An exploration of what is happening to forms on the mobile web and why chatbots may or may not be a suitable replacement for them.

Suzanne Scacca

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Welcome to the Shell Era: Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Released — Announcing Xamarin.Forms 4.0.0 with Shell, a simplified container for more efficiently managing your application’s structure and navigation.

David Ortinau

Holly Schinsky recommends

Use Functional Widgets in Flutter to Reduce Boilerplate Code — Learn how to turn Widget returning functions into complete stateless widgets through the power of the functional_widget code generator.

Dane Mackier

Chris Brandrick recommends

Apple Increases iPhone Cellular Download Limit From 150 MB to 200 MB

Benjamin Mayo

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Google Is Updating Its Mobile Search Design to Highlight A Website’s Name and Favicon — Something for developers to be aware of, mobile search results will now display a website’s icon and name above the title of the specific page.

Jacob Kastrenakes

Bootcamp: iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Full Stack React — Apply Code Immediately. Learn from instructors who are full-time consultants working on client projects every day, so they know the problems you’re trying to solve.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Peter Cooper recommends

Cake or Death: AMP and The Worrying Power Dynamics of The Web — A cautionary viewpoint on Google’s AMP and how such ‘syndication’ results in “valuing content that is fast over content that is right”.

Andrew Betts

Holly Schinsky recommends

Build a Progressive Web App with Angular — Learn how to build a PWA with Angular and deploy it to a mobile device using Netflify.

John Green

Za'e Johnson recommends

A Guide to Managing Content with a Mobile CMS

Deven Joshi (ButterCMS)

Peter Cooper recommends

How We Improved Our iOS App Compile Time by 99%

Aamir Anwar (Zomato)

🗓 Upcoming Events

WWDC, June 3-7 — San Jose, CA — Apple's annual developer event, with sessions, hands-on labs and more.

GOTO, June 17-20 — Amsterdam, Netherlands — A software development conference designed for developers, team leads, architects, and project managers.

Droidcon, July 1-3 — Berlin, Germany — Android experts converge to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies.

Swift Island, July 3-4 — Texel, Netherlands — An all-inclusive experimental conference happening a month after Apple's WWDC 2019.